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TThe character of the Garden is shaped by the two main rivers that cut across it, namely, the Crocodile and Nels River. Before these two rivers converge in the Garden, the Crocodile River forms a breath taking waterfall, which can be viewed from the Visitor Centre's viewpoint area, whilst the confluence can be viewed at the Nels viewpoint area. The Crocodile River, cuts deep into the granite bedrock to form a narrow gorge and a magnificent Nelspruit cascade, a fantastic sight when in full flow. An ever green Riparian forest lines along its banks whilst the eastern side is drier due to the steep slopes. A suspended bridge provides a pathway across the River. The African Rain forest comprises of a unique collection of plants which represents the rapidly disappearing tropical forests of Central and West Africa. A complete ecosystem has been re-created here, from the high forest canopy, to the thick layer of herbaceous plants on the forest floor. The Garden plays a critical role in conservation of rare and endangered species and played a pivotal role in establishing a cycad gene bank. Cycads are the most significant collection in the Lowveld Garden and they occupy a larger area in the Garden than any other group of plants. This collections rank extremely high in species diversity with a large number of striking, mature specimens. Braille trails are unique trails for the visually impaired have story boards engraved in braille. They allow the visually impaired visitors to navigate their way along the trail. The trails are also wheelchair friendly. Medicinal garden provides interesting facts about a variety of natural remedies available to use in the environment. The walking trail goes through the natural part of the garden and stretches over 1 km. The trail descends to the banks of the Crocodile River before leading walkers back into the garden, passing about 140 plant species. Birds that can be spotted along the trail include African Finfoot, Pied Wagtail and Malachite Kingfisher. The garden is an oasis in the middle of a city. A birding paradise and a biodiversity hotspot with over 800 tree and 242 bird species . Over 75 species of reptile (55) and amphibians (18) have been recorded in the Garden. Mammals that can be seen in the Garden include the Vervet monkey, Dwarf mongoose, Tree squirrel, Thick-tailed bush baby and hippopotamus. The sub-tropical weather experienced in the Garden contributes extensively to the presence of butterflies throughout the year The Garden offers a picturesque background perfect for picnics and special functions. Kuzuri is the restaurant in the garden which is managed by an independent operator. It is situated where the patrons can view the waterfall whilst enjoying a scrumptious meal. Patrons also have an option of having their meal at the tea garden which is also situated in the garden and operated by an independent operator.
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