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TThe KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board Maritime Centre of Excellence (KZNSB) is mandated as a global leader in bather protection against shark attacks while, minimising environmental impact, thus promoting tourism. The KZN Sharks Board maintains shark safety gear at 37 localities from Richards Bay to Port Edward and is the only institute of its kind in the world. The KZNSB also conducts research into the biology of sharks. The public, tourists and scholars are educated with dynamic audio-visual shows and shark dissections. In-depth research, that has already produced vital insight, is conducted into shark behaviour, feeding and breeding. The public can enjoy early boat trips out to sea to observe staff at work, where one will witness the checking of shark safety gear as well as stand an excellent chance of spotting a variety of marine life. KZNSB is a vital and strategic role player in the success of tourism in our province and our mandate of the protection of our beaches and bathers throughout the KZN coastline has resulted in the ever-increasing number of tourists that grace our shores. In the fulfilment of our vision, we are luring the tourists’ influx into the Province of KZN. The KZN Province is renowned of its warm waters and its favourable weather that is almost forever summer. Out of approximately 85% of the visitors from all over the world, at least ±60% of those visitors have heard about the beaches of KZN highlighting their warm waters and the protection of the beach against shark attacks. In return these visitors stay in hotels, they do shopping at our malls and this results into a considerable shopping spend that contributes immensely into the GDP of our province. Our protected beaches become a vehicle that create a platform for exploring strategic economic opportunities within our province.

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