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IItchyfeet SA was initiated by downright interest and passion. What we do we simply love, and we cannot get enough of it. In fact, we believe that whatever we take on we enjoy more than our guests. Number one, it is our mission to provide authentic experiences. We are talking about experiences which will leave you refreshed, inspired, informed and exhilarated. The white water you will be paddling is proper, testing your nerve and skill. Climbing is real, on real rock, with real chalk on your hands, with real rubber on your feet and you are in charge of the belay. If we cannot offer it on these terms, we wouldn’t bother in the first place. And how can you top the Drakensberg? The name says it all! Big, beautiful, spectacular, wild and rugged! And we consider ourselves obedient to the adventure guiding laws of South Africa. From the outright it was of highest priority to be competent and legal in every department - RIVER, ROCK or MOUNTAIN. In other words, we know how to plan an outing. We know how to conduct an outing and we certainly know how to do it safely. The person behind Itchyfeet is Gustav Greffrath (PhD Recreation); the main organiser, communicator, guide and decision maker. But today it really is a joint venture. In many facets the whole operation of Itchyfeet depends most on Nerissa Greffrath. Still an active teacher her role is as essential as providing value for money. Our operational base is the town of Winterton, KwaZulu-Natal. What we have in a radius of hundred kilometres are mountains, rivers and rock. These we put together so it can be experienced and enjoyed by just about anyone, professional or complete novice. And since our fundamentals with regards to adventure experiential learning are pretty solid we aspire to create river, rock and mountain interventions suitable for the enhancement of personal and group-related outcomes.

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