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DDomestic tourism is measured through SA Tourism’s Domestic Survey, a monthly household survey representative of the South African adult population, i.e. population aged 18 years and older. The sample is designed as a multi-stage, stratified sample of 1,300 per month. The sampling framework is built from geographic strata, which are based on enumerator areas (EAs) that are used as primary sampling units (PSUs), and households which are used as the secondary sampling units (SSUs).  

The survey measures the following headline indicators:

  • Volume: the incidence of domestic travel and how many trips are taken
  • Value: how much is spent by domestic tourists
  • Number of bed nights: the number of nights spent in various establishments
  • Provincial distribution: how the volume, value and bed nights are distributed between the nine provinces
  • Seasonality: when do people travel?

The sample design ensures that all stratification variables such as province, metro, urban, rural, race, age and gender are covered. The domestic survey has a margin of error of 2.7% at a confidence interval of 95% on the monthly sample. Results from the obtained sample are weighted based on Stats SA’s mid-year population estimates of South African citizens aged 18 and above. 


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