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FFrom extending a helping hand to a tourist, to supporting local crafters or even firing up your braai to sell boerewors rolls to sports fans at stadiums, you are playing an important role in growing tourism in South Africa.

What's on?

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WWhat is We Do Tourism?

The We Do Tourism campaign is aimed at each and every South African! It is about each of us seeing the value of tourism, understanding how it impacts our lives and how we can all play a role in growing it. How?

By understanding the value of tourism

Just imagine how many avid soccer supporters may need a place to rest after a late-night match. By simply renting out a room, not only are you ensuring someone a safe and convenient place to sleep, you are directly benefiting from tourism. That’s the power of tourism!

By doing your bit for tourism

When tourism wins, we all win! That’s why when we all play a role in contributing to the tourism economy, the country as a whole benefits.

By travelling your country more

By travelling locally, experiencing the best of what South Africa has to offer and engaging with the people you meet along the way, you are directly contributing to the communities you visit, positively affecting the lives of those you meet.

Some of the ways We Do Tourism

Be welcoming
Be welcoming


Be welcoming

Never doubt the importance of a friendly welcome with a smile. South Africa is a friendly nation - let's show it!

Customer service
Clean your city
Support local
Safety first

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