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AAah the beautiful Mother City, Cape Town - the metropolitan gem of the Western Cape and the place where visitors can experience just about anything they have listed on their to-do list. From fine dining at chic restaurants on the Atlantic seaboard and wine tasting at centuries-old wine estates in the countryside to shopping along the cities popular streets, Cape Town is a dream destination for any holidaymaker.

Sure, that’s all well and said, however, Cape Town is also a haven for adrenaline-junkies with a passion for extreme sports and outdoor adventures. Whether it’s jumping out of an aeroplane that’s hundreds of kilometres above the ground, racing down sand dunes at immense speeds or diving into murky waters to come face-to-face with Great White sharks, Cape Town has top adventure activities that will get anyone’s heart racing. Here’s our pick of what to experience:

AAbseiling off Table Mountain

Imagine dangling off cliffs 1000 metres above sea level – that’s what you can expect with Adrenaline Hunter when you summon the courage to dare yourself to abseil down the majestic Table Mountain with adventure experts who will guide you all the way. From R1195, you’ll get in-depth safety instructions, the necessary equipment and of course, the most riveting experience ever!

White water river rafting

It’s summer, so what better time than now to get wet and wild than by white water rafting on the Palmiet River approximately 50 minutes outside Cape Town? Enjoy the spectacular scenery of mountainous terrain, lush green nature and wildlife around you before you experience the rush of rapid water as you river raft down the river. Contact River Rafting Trips for an adventure you won’t forget.


Tackle the high waves of Cape Town’s infamous beaches including Muizenberg and Blouberg Beach. Just like white water rafting, you’re bound to get soaking wet, so best prepare for ice cold water temperatures the Atlantic Ocean is known for. From R490, trust Stoked Surf School to teach you how to surf and have the best summer.

TTandem skydiving

Just when you think dangling off Table Mountain’s cliffs was extreme, try plummeting towards the ground from 9000 feet above with Extreme Scene. This adventure company offers tandem skydiving that will literally take your breath away, so take a deep breath and try not to scream as you jump out of a plane high above Cape Town’s West Coast.

Shark diving

Journey to Gansbaai and meet up with Gansbaai Shark Seekers for a thrilling experience you’ll never forget – shark cage diving. The thought of getting up-close-and-personal with one of the ocean’s most feared animals sounds scary, but it’s actually an experience of a lifetime you should try. After setting sail from the fishing village of Gansbaai and reaching the destination infested with marine life and of course great white sharks, everyone gets 20 – 30 minutes inside the cage and wait for these great beasts to approach.

Cape Town

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TThere you have it, one of Cape Town’s top adventure activities to look forward to this summer. So why not take a Shot’Left to this magnificent city and explore why South Africa is considered an adventurer’s playground.

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