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North West
Small town charm

SSettle in to a genuine South African experience in Groot Marico. It's no wonder that so many of Herman Charles Bosman's tales featured this part of the country. With its enchanting atmosphere and warm hospitality, the Groot Marico offers you a culturally rich holiday that will be both relaxing and entertaining.

The town of Groot Marico in South Africa takes its name from the Groot Marico River, which wends its way through the Marico District in North West province. Here, in a Bushveld setting that is truly African, the attitudes are down-to-earth and the sunsets heavenly.

TThe Groot Marico is renowned as a cultural attraction and is also known as ‘Bosman Country’ for it is here that the famous storyteller, Herman Charles Bosman, set most of his typically South African tales. Included in these are classics such as Willem Prinsloo’s Peach BrandyThe Traitor’s Wife and Peaches Ripening in the Sun.

The town is so laid-back that it seems as if time is a mere construct: a fact attested to by the clock face on the church steeple that has no hands! Groot Marico is one of the only towns in South Africa that still has a manual telephone exchange. While the area is fully automated, the locals decided that they wanted to continue using the manual exchange and so it remains to this day.

Groot Marico, North West

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OOne of the main activities on the Groot Marico calendar is the Herman Charles Bosman Festival, which takes place every October. There is also the Herman Charles Bosman Living Museum, an exact replica of the local school where Bosman taught in 1926.

For the physically active there's the annual Marico Mountain Bike Classic and a number of hiking trails. There are also battlefield tours and the Marico Environmental Centre, which allows kids and adults to experience the great outdoors.

AA number of art and craft outlets are housed in the tourism centre, including the Art Factory which showcases leather work, ironwork, pottery, paintings and other local curios.

There is a wide range of accommodation available in the area from guesthouses and guest farms to bona fide farming accommodation (where you might be roped in to do everyday farming chores).

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