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Khosi Tyobeka has built her business around making travelling easy and accessible. Her company, Zimasa Travel, provides tailor-made travel solutions; from planning to the execution of travel or conference needs. The award winning entrepreneur’s flair for business runs in her family. When she was growing up her mother operated a food business in their small village in the North West Province .

TTyobeka sees South Africa as the perfect tourism destination, with plenty of sights, sounds, colourful textures and cultures. The team at Zimasa Travel creates unique packages that enable all tourists to fully explore everything that South Africa has to offer. The company offers tailor-made individual and group tour packages for fun seekers and curious wanderers alike. The company works closely with seasoned service providers to ensure a comfortable, safe and exciting travel experience.

Since starting the company in 2016, Tyobeka has put her heart and soul into solidifying Zimasa Travel on the tourism business map. Her efforts have subsequently yielded several accolades from various tourism industry bodies. In 2018 Zimasa Travel was lauded at the prestigious Lilizela Awards, winning the Provincial ETEYA & MEC Special Award. The winning streak continued in 2020, when Tyobeka’s foray into entrepreneurship was capped with a nod as the finalist of the Standard Bank Top Women Award for Top Gender Empowered Company and Young Female Entrepreneur Category.

Tyobeka is a trailblazer who is always looking for ways to improve her business. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Zimasa Travel and three others in the North West were selected for the Enpact Tourism Recovery Programme – an initiative funded by the German government to assist businesses with training, mentorship and financial support.

Celebrating Women in Tourism

ZIMASA Travel CEO : Khosi Tyobeka

Tyobeka used the opportunity to realign the company’s strategies through staff training and upskilling. The company reinvested the funds from the recovery fund to restart its activities. In the face of the challenges brought about by the pandemic, Zimasa Travel has found creative solutions to stay in business and attract new travellers. As part of the company’s recovery, Tyobeka is also focusing on getting more South Africans to travel in their country. She is taking advantage of platforms like Sho't Left to maximise the company’s exposure by selling to leisure travellers. Under her leadership, Zimasa Travel has also found novel ways to use the media to educate and advise on travel, to ensure that the company is foremost on the minds of those seeking to travel with flair.

With all the success she has achieved in her career in tourism, Tyobeka has not forgotten her humble upbringing. She continues to be a beacon of hope to young girls in her village, always encouraging

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