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TripAdvisor is the world's largest travel review site with millions of reviewers out there ready to have a say about your establishment.

The site has made it easy for thousands of travellers to post a review of your business in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, there is very little that business owners can do to control what is being said about their business, which means that managing feedback is critical, whether good or bad.

The idea of having each person that comes to your establishment as a potential critic can be daunting, but there are ways to deal with comments on TripAdvisor.


Even if the comment is negative, you cannot ignore it and hopes it goes away. Simply engage the reviewer and offer to help. Take the conversation offline as soon as possible.

Don’t reward a bully

It might be tempting to throw in a freebie or give someone a discount if you just received a negative review but be very careful. Some reviewers will go as far as demanding compensation and if you get a feeling that is what they are after, do not give in. Keep reminding them that you will do the best you can to resolve the issue or tell how you have resolved it, once this has taken place.

Report the issue

If you feel that a reviewer is deliberately trying to hurt your business report the issue to TripAdvisor. To make a report go to the “Manage your reviews” tab in the Management Centre. Click the link under “Concerned about a review?” and complete the form on the following page.

Have a distraction

If you are listed on TripAdvisor as a business, there is nothing stopping you from posting new content. This will help bury the negative review and keep potential customers from landing on a negative review as soon as they land on your page.

Finally, be your own critic. Find ways you can keep improving your service before someone else does.

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