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LLocated in Wale Street St George's Cathedral is the oldest cathedral in Southern Africa. The Church serves as a mother church of the Anglican district of Cape Town, built by Sir Herbert Baker out of sandstone from Table Mountain. The church had its name engraved in South African history books as the “people’s cathedral” for its role in the resistance against apartheid, it kept its doors opened to people of all races throughout the apartheid era, and it was Archbishop Desmond Tutu who coined the phrase ‘rainbow people’ to describe South Africa’s diverse population after he led a mass demonstration of 30 000 people to Grand Carnival in 1989.

It is a stunning example of the Victorian era design with magnificent stained glass windows and a crypt in with a restaurant. The central panel of the great west window is dominated by the figure of the triumphant Christ. This Christ is black - a visual equivalent to the white Christ of Calvary that stands above the High Altar. This was done to make sure that the Cathedral’s images of Christ represent the fullness of humanity.

Did You Know?
SSt George's Cathedral, the oldest cathedral in southern Africa.

DDue to its proximity to parliament it is often a refuge and a source of inspiration for parliamentarians. St George's Cathedral is where parliament, religious leaders and members of Parliament gathered for a prayer service when Nelson Mandela was hospitalized on the 8th of June for a recurring lung infection. It was also at the St George's Cathedral where a memorial service for the late Madiba was held and bell-ringers paid their last respects to Madiba by ringing 95 hand and 95 backstroke "dongs. 

St George's Cathedral

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JJust a stone thrown away from the “the People’s Cathedral” lies a piece of the Berlin Wall that was donated to Nelson Mandela when he visited Berlin in 1996. The powerful and historically symbol of the Cold War has become an attraction for shoppers at St Georges Mall’s open air market where it currently stands.

St George's Cathedral hosts one of the country’s few labyrinths, its stained glass windows include the work of Gabriel Loire, an accomplished French stained glass artist. This beautiful provocative Victorian structure arouses moments of reflection and deep thought about the human condition.

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