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#Jab4Tourism and support the drive to move safely and freely

The time has once again arrived to shut the laptop, hang up the overalls, lock the office, and take to the highways and sky-ways of glorious South Africa. Perhaps more than ever, our hearts yearn for the rugged landscapes, glistening vineyards, endless coastlines and countless wonders of our nation. We delight in the hope of reuniting with family and reconnecting with friends, while exploring Mzansi’s vibrant and unmatched variety of restaurants, bars, experiences and activities, before unwinding in any one of the charming B&Bs, sublime parks, seaside hotels and sun-dappled resorts across all provinces.

This Summer, however, for all the wonders we can receive, the best gift we can give to our friends, family and fellow South Africans in return is the assurance we have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, minimising our chance of health complications, regardless of the variant. For all the local restauranteurs, hosts and guides who strive to create the vibe you love in your favourite spot, it is your turn to gift them with the confidence in being able to remain open, while safeguarding your favourite hangouts and hotspots from having to endure a repeat of the challenges faced thus far.

Wear your mask. Maintain your social distance. Wash and sanitise your hands. Respect all protocols and stay consistent. Because it’s about lives, but it’s also about livelihoods. It’s about doing not only what’s required for ourselves and the safety of our loved ones, but what’s necessary for the growth and sustainability of our tourism industry, so that together, we can make the most of a safe, prosperous and exciting new year.


This festive season, give the gift of getting the jab. Travel safe. Support Tourism. Enjoy South Africa.

#Jab4Tourism #ShareSouthAfrica


Click HERE to find you closest vaccination site and get your #Jab4Tourism

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