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IIf you’ve ever been lucky enough to visit the province of KwaZulu-Natal, you’ve probably heard of, if not tasted, a delicious bunny chow. The 26th June 2021 marks the second ever World Bunny Chow Day created by the founders of SafariKZN, Mark & Tristan.  To find out more, click here. #worldbunnychowday

Why not celebrate this incredible country and dish by cooking up Claire Allen's lamb bunny chow? If you haven’t, then you’ve come to the right place; we’re here to give you all the information you need on this traditional dish, plus the best places to try it on your next visit to South Africa, recommended by MasterChef South Africa contestant and multi-talented food entertainer, Claire Allen, as well as a fantastic lamb bunny chow recipe by the incredible chef herself.

WWhat is bunny chow?

To start off, we must warn you that bunny chow is isn’t for the peckish or calorie-counters – it’s a carb-filled meal that’s made to keep you going. The dish consists of a hollowed out loaf of white bread, stuffed to the brim with homemade curry, usually including beans and meats such as lamb or chicken, and finished off with the hollowed-out fluffy white bread as a top hat or on the side – perfect for dipping.

HHow can you make it?

We hope that you can try this delightful dish in South Africa soon, but until then, we have the perfect recipe to keep those bunny-chow-craving taste buds at bay. Claire Allen says, “South African cooking is soul cooking and boy does it feed your soul, nothing beats the punchy flavours of truly Durban curry in the centre of freshly baked white bread. My mouth is watering thinking about it and I know you going to love my Lamb Curry Bunny Chow.” Find Claire’s fantastic recipe below.

Download the recipe here.

WWhat’s its history?

The dish originated in the 1940’s when Indian labourers were brought to KwaZulu-Natal during Apartheid to work in the sugarcane fields. No cute bunnies were harmed during the naming of the curry; the name originates from the caste of Indian businessmen who sold the curry, known as ‘bania’, and the slang word for food, ‘chow’. It’s believed the curry would give enough energy for a full day’s work, was cheap and easy to make and could be eaten with your hands with minimal mess – starting your meal by scooping up the curry with the bread top hat and ending on the curry-soaked bottom of the loaf. Fast-forward to modern day Durban, and bunny chow positively ripples through the city’s DNA.

WWhere can you try it?

Hotel Britannia
Located in Morningside, just north of central Durban, you'll find Hotel Britannia; a place of ambience, comfort and excellent food. It's renowned for its mutton bunny chow dish - a must try!

The Oriental Restaurant
Perfectly situated in the centre of Durban, The Oriental Restaurant is a hit with the locals looking for a hearty bunny chow meal.

Kaskade Bar, Restaurant & Lounge
At Kaskade you'll find affordable bunny chow that's absolutely loved by locals and tourists alike!

Cape Town
The Burner
You'll find The Burner at Canal Walk Shopping Centre just north of Cape Town CBD. Specialising in authentic South Indian Cuisine, a tasty bunny chow is guaranteed!

Food Inn India
Located in Seapoint, Food Inn India offers an authentic Indian experience, known for its generous portions and great value for money!

Eastern Food Bazaar
An authentic Cape Town experience awaits at this buzzing canteen-style eatery.

Cooking Divas
For a delicious bunny chow experience, look no further than Cooking Divas. We highly recommend the Sugar Beans bunny!

The Spice Kitchen
The Spice Kitchen is the home of authentic, fresh, home-cooked Durban Indian curries - some would argue they serve the best authentic lamb bunny chow in the whole of Johannesburg!

Curry and All
At Curry and All, the food is flavoursome, prices are low and portions huge!

CClaire Allen is a multi-talented food entertainer, entrepreneur, and online content curator who has combined a successful career in marketing with a sincere and insatiable love of food, a passion which was really ignited after she competed in Master Chef South Africa in 2014.

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