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Western Cape

You are only moments away

TThe Cape West Coast is famous as much for its rugged terrain as it is for its rustic seaside villages. Paternoster is a peaceful town lined with fishermen’s cottages, where great seafood and the local lifestyle become all-consuming pastimes. The laidback attitude is complemented by the stark but magical landscape.

As you approach Paternoster on the Cape West Coast, the sight of crashing Atlantic Ocean waves greets you first. Then you meet the informal crayfish sellers—the area is famous for West Coast rock lobsters. Next, you see the whitewashed cottages with blue shutters and thatched roofs, all built or maintained in the tradition of a Western Cape fishing village.

Did You Know?
WWhen the Portuguese steamship Lisboaran ran aground near Paternoster in 1910, it was the first time radio telegraphy was used to call for help off the South African coast.

DDon’t let the uniform architecture dissuade you from visiting. Building restrictions were put in place to preserve the community’s way of life, and the minimalism enhances the beauty of this wild, spectacular part of South Africa.

The lack of ostentation is a welcome relief from other tourist spots along this route, which are often overrun by chain stores, mansions and nightclubs. Instead, fish markets and farm stalls serve up treats, and there’s not a shopping centre in sight. Drive slowly along the few streets of Paternoster; once you’re here, you can stroll wherever you want to go.

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