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TThere are charming little places all across South Africa, such as HogsbackElgin and Magoesbaskloof. Parys, however, has something extra - like being situated inside a meteor-made crater, for starters.  

The Free State's pretty Parys is wowing more and more locals and international visitors with its unique charm. Just over an hour outside of Johannesburg, nestled on the banks of the Vaal River, you’ll come across a small town with a big heart. 

Here's what to do, see, eat and where to sleep if you make this Free State hideaway your next #WeekendEscape.
Where to eat 

Feel like a kid in the Candy Shop
Remember those super-sweet orange candy apricots and pink-and-white coconut ice? How about rocky roads and home-made marshmallows rolled in toasted coconut flakes? It's the taste of your childhood, right? If you thought it's forever gone, you're wrong. All the treats of the 80s and 90s - including chappies, millionaires fudge and peanut clusters - are all available at Candy Shop in Parys' main road. 

Inside this unassuming little hole in the wall, the sweets are laid out in crates for guests to help themselves. The sweets are then weighed and paid for. 

Bordering the Candy Shop is another ode to old South African culture in the form of a coffee shop and diner with crocheted lace curtains. After the sugar rush from next door, they serve a good cup of 'boeretroos' (Afrikaans name for coffee) as an antidote. 

Did You Know?
TThe name of the town is the Afrikaans translation of Paris. The name was given by a German surveyor named Schilbach, who had participated in the Siege of Paris during the Franco-Prussian War. The location next to the Vaal reminded him of Paris on the River Seine.

TTaste something new at Hoi Polloi 
If you're looking for something more substantial in Parys, Hoi Polloi across the road from the Candy Shop is an obvious choice. This retro-chic spot offers an upper deck with views across town and an interior that's, well, very unique. 


When to visit
How to get here

AAn old jukebox occupies one corner, while a massive bull skull is mounted at the back of the waiter station for more dramatic effect. From the ceiling, cups, saucers and dinner plates dangle to accentuate the light from the chandelier they form. It's busy, but without being stuffy or kitsch. 

Their lamb curry is a delectable choice for winter and you absolutely cannot leave town without trying the Champagne Float. Made with dry bubbles and two scoops of strawberry sorbet, its grown-up goodness combined with childhood wonder. 

What to do and see 

Check out Parys' French quarter, the Le Petit Paris Secret Passage
Parys' European namesake is very much celebrated throughout town, but especially in the Le Petit Paris Secret Passage, which is a little courtyard off the main road. Most of the little shops surrounding the courtyard have a shop window and entrance from the road's side, but then leads visitors through to the secret spot at the back where more shops and the ultimate French flair await. 

Handmade handbags, antiques, a gentlemen's outfitter and biltong and home industry shop are all lined up, while a coffee shop serves patrons from a shabby-chic barn door on one side. Sitting amid the falling autumn leaves sipping on a cappuccino, you can surely imagine yourself somewhere in Paris... 

GGet a sense of the area and skydive! 
World heritage Site, the Vredefort Dome is vast, in fact the meteorite impact that happened in the Free State about 2023 million years ago a crater about 300 km wide - the distance from Johannesburg to Welkom. So while you can't see it from the ground you can still appreciate the make-up of the soil upheavals and rock formations, caves and crannies if you're that way inclined. A good guide to help you understand the extent of the meteor strike is also highly recommended. 

But there are ways to see the crater from a better perspective - like the sky, for example. Although you won't get to see that NASA out-of-space view of the crater on Earth, you'll be able to get a good idea of the impact the meteor actually had. You'll also have a good time falling to the Vredefort Dome World Heritage Site from the sky.

Book with Skydive Parys for the coolest local adrenaline experience. 

Get your adrenaline going at Domefest 
If you're truly after celebrating the Vredefort Dome, you cannot miss the annual Dome Festival or Domefest in Parys

The festival comprises a series of organised adventure activities, which take place over three days. And when Parysians say 'adventure', they mean it... think warrior races, box cart races, laser clay shooting, horse riding and even dragon boat races!

Where to sleep - and drink wine 

Have a Winelands escape on the Vaal River 
To suit the French flair in Parys, a stay next to the beautiful Vaal River is most fitting. At the BON Hotel Riviera on Vaal, you'll practically stay right on the Vaal River's banks, overlooking the water as the sun rises. 

If you're going in winter, it's also the perfect spot to compare the Vaal flair with some wintry Winelands magic. While it may be a thousand miles away from the Cape Winelands, the Vaal is right up there when it comes to hosting wine tours. 

The annual Dome Adventure Festival takes place in and around Parys in November and offers music, sporting activities, fly-fishing, water sports, stalls, competitions and even Dragon Boat Racing. And one of South Africa's largest mountain bike races, the Crater Cruise, takes place annually during the second weekend in October every year at Parys and in the surrounding Dome Area.  

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Where to stay?

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