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TThe Gold Reef City theme park, located in central Johannesburg, is built around an authentic 19th century gold mine, and brings together fascinating historical attractions with some of the most thrilling rides in the southern hemisphere. For a day of frenetic family fun, it cannot be beaten. 

Walking into the theme park at Gold Reef City is like stepping in to another world. Built around an authentic 19th century gold mine, the park successfully combines an old-world museum atmosphere with some of the wildest rides south of the equator. 

Did You Know?
GGold Reef City has a 96-seater 4D theatre with hydraulic seats that emits a range of scents and smells to match what's happening on screen.

IIt is this combination of attractions that makes the Gold Reef City entertainment park such a huge hit with families. While the older folk delve into the history of the City of Gold, the younger generation can get their adrenaline fix via the more than 30 heart-stopping adventure rides.

Gold Reef City, Johannesburg

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SStart your Gold Reef City visit with a Jozi's Story of Gold tour through the variety of museums offering a peek into what life was like in the burgeoning mining camp that was Johannesburg in the 19th century. Underground tours of the mine as well as a gold-pouring demonstration are also on offer. 

Those looking for a bit more excitement can't go wrong with the many rides on offer. Sticking to the historical theme are mining-themed rides such as the Golden Loop and Old Mill. And you don't want to miss the amazing aerial views offered by the Giant Wheel.

IIf your heart can take it, Gold Reef City also has some of the most modern – and scary – rides in the country. Serious adrenaline junkies will not want to miss the Anaconda or the Jozi Express. And if you don't mind getting wet, the Raging River Rapids is great fun, too.

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