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South Africa
Health And Fitness
Cape Town
Port Elizabeth
What you need to know

SSouth Africa's beaches offer the perfect setting for a game of volleyball, with many of the country's main beaches offering a net and ball for visitors to use. Fans of indoor volleyball can also play or watch at various urban venues around the country. 

For many, volleyball brings to mind beaches, sunshine, tanned bodies and funny hand signals, but it’s not all about the aesthetics. It's also a highly competitive game that focuses on physical and technical performance. 

In South Africa indoor volleyball season runs during autumn and winter (between March and October), and outdoor and beach volleyball take place in spring and summer (between October and February). 

It is one of the easiest sports to get involved in and isn’t at all expensive to play. If you’re looking for some light-hearted fun without the competitiveness, simply gather a group of friends, buy a volleyball (which sells for about R120 in local sports stores) and a net (approximately R1500), then pop along to your nearest beach and start knocking about. 

Beach volleyball is slightly different to indoor volleyball, with the most obvious difference being the size of the team. A beach volleyball team consists of only 2 members who need to cover the same size court that 6 people usually cover in indoor volleyball. Add to that the hot sun and diving into dense sand, and beach volleyball becomes a decidedly different experience. 

Some of the places you can play indoor volleyball in South Africa include: 

  • Belhar Sports Centre (Cape Town) 
  • Quantum Volleyball Club (Johannesburg) 
  • Highway Action Sports Arena (Durban) 

Beaches that offer volleyball where you can arrive and play include: 

  • Clifton 4th Beach (Cape Town) 
  • North Beach (Durban) 
  • Kings Beach (Port Elizabeth) 
Did You Know?

TTravel tips & planning  info 

Who to contact 

Volleyball South Africa 

Tel: +27 (0)11 402 1703 


Best time to visit 

Beach volleyball takes place all year round but is most popular in summer (November to March), while the indoor volleyball season is generally between March and October. 

What will it cost? 

You can buy your own equipment or find it for rent at many of South Africa's most popular beaches. There may be a nominal fee for renting a ball and a net at a beach, although at some beaches you will only be asked for a deposit. 

What to pack 

Make sure you wear plenty of sunscreen if playing beach volleyball. 

What's happening 

Indoor league games and tournaments take place throughout the year. Beach volleyball is played every weekend at Camps Bay beach, Cape Town, and at many other of South Africa's beautiful beaches. 

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