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The Minister of Transport announced various regulations around transport during the lockdown. Included in these regulations is aviation. During the lockdown, all domestic and international air travel will be prohibited. Click here to see Government Gazette related to these regulations.

Tourism is not an essential service and therefore needs to adhere to the lockdown regulations that comes into effect on midnight on 26 March 2020.

With immediate effect no new bookings for international tourists may be accepted.

We appeal to tour operators and tour guides to act responsibly, and halt all operations as per the president’s declaration of a national lockdown, scheduled to commence at midnight on 26 March 2020.   This will ensure the safety of everyone within the country.

When does the lockdown period begin?
Is Tourism classified as an essential service?
How can I offer my hotel to be used as a quarantine site?
What establishments can legally be open during the lockdown period?
What is the treatment for Apart-Hotels/lodges/timeshares?
What if people want to travel to their holiday homes prior to lockdown and wait out the 21 day lockdown period there?
How many international tourists are currently in the country?
Are car rentals an essential service?
What is the COVID-19 testing process for international tourists?
What happens to tourists who have flights confirmed after the lockdown date?
Who pays for the cost of guests staying longer than anticipated in an establishment?
What should hotels do if they have one or two international guests at their hotel who are awaiting their departure date?
Can hotels continue to accept bookings?
Should establishments cancel bookings after Thursday 26 March?
What is the process for assistance of business enterprises in distress?
Tourism Relief Fund
Are restaurants, coffee shops and take-aways allowed to continue to operate as they are supplying food which is an essential service?
Can we still visit our national parks as they are relatively isolated? As many tourists especially international visitors frequent our national parks, what is happening to them?
What is the process for tourists who are staying while awaiting their departure during the lockdown period?
What special arrangements are being made for foreign travellers?
Refund and cancellation policies for online accommodation booking agents

PPublic Hotline

Travellers who develop symptoms of respiratory illness (cough, fever and shortness of breath) after travel to countries where the Coronavirus is prevalent, must seek medical care early and share their travel history with their healthcare providers.

For more information travellers with symptoms can contact the Public Hotline:

0800 029 999

Weekdays, 08h00 to 16h00


Official WhatsApp Help Services

Send HI to 0600 123 456 on WhatsApp.
Or share this link:


DAILY UPDATE: 19 March 2020

Please click here to view the daily update for 19 March 2020

SA Tourism Updates

It is very imperative during this national crisis to know what is happening and how it is happening in order for you and your loved ones to stay protected.

In this section the South African Tourism is sharing ways that the workplace can adopt and implement for the protection of employers and employees in order to remain immune from the outbreak of COVID-19.

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, the tourism industry is constantly finding ways to withstand the challenges that the tourism community is faced with.

South African tourism wants to share with travellers the restrictions imposed by government on where to travel, why you should travel and how to travel during the outbreak of COVID-19.

The South African Tourism has postponed Travel Indaba following the government’s instructions inspired by COVID-19.

In this section the South African Tourism shares with you real human stories and how people’s lives are impacted by COVID-19.

Daily Update

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