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#Jab4Tourism: The safety and health of your staff and patrons comes first

The season has arrived once again, and in the spirit of fresh new starts to a fresh new year, Mzansi is ready to take to the road and take to the skies. With international limitations putting the focus on domestic travel, perhaps more than ever South Africans are moved and motivated to go local and go lekker – hoping to drink, dine and unwind in restaurants and bars across the country, ignite their senses with South Africa’s diverse and dynamic experiences, and revel in the comfort, convenience and warm hospitality of our uniquely charming B&Bs, world-class hotels and sun-dappled resorts.

As a tourism product owner, however, this is more than an opportunity to host your guests in each your own signature style. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s an opportunity to demonstrate a level of responsibility and care that provides your guests with the confidence to continue travelling, and by doing so, contribute to the sustainability of the entire tourism sector. By getting fully vaccinated and by preparing your business with accessible sanitizers and appropriate social-distanced spacing, as well as ensuring all on your premises wear masks as required, you’ll be offering your staff more than employment and your guests with more than good times. You’ll be protecting yourself and others, inspiring your staff to see themselves as part of a greater cause, demonstrating the true meaning of considerate hospitality, and providing the ultimate show of support for each and every tourism business and product within your neighbourhood, town, province and country – so that as one, we can all can deservedly flourish in the new year.


This festive season, give the gift of getting the jab. Support Tourism. Enjoy South Africa.

#Jab4Tourism #ShareSouthAfrica

TTourism industry product owner views on #Jab4Tourism

For Industry practitioners, traveller safety is critical not only for their businesses but the sector as a whole. Listen in as they share their views on why a jab is the right way to go in rebuilding and reigniting confidence in our local establishments and beyond.

AAyanda Cuba and Buntu Matole

Co-founders & co-managers of ABCD Concepts

Meet Ayanda Cuba and Buntu Matole, co-founders and co-managers of ABCD concepts as they chat through the importance vaccinations in relation to the business of tourism.

BBheki Dube

Founder & CEO of CURIOCITY

The pandemic has been incredibly challenging for tourism around the globe, here at home, our practitioners have felt the blow too. 

Listen in to Bheki Dube as he shares his views on the pandemic and how it's affected the tourism industry. To turn the tide, let's support #Jab4Tourism and make it easier and safer to #ShareSouthAfrica.


Owner of Jeep Tours

Meet Lizane Gomes, owner of Jeep Tours and listen as she shares her personal experience and views on the assistance vaccinations can have on the travel industry and how we can all build a better and safer tourism sector when we #Jab4Tourism.

SShow your support for the #Jab4Tourism and download ready-to-go social content that you can utilise on your social platforms to help drive the #Jab4Tourism cause.

  • Click HERE to download the toolkit
  • Click HERE to find you closest vaccination site and get your #Jab4Tourism

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