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MMzansi, a nation that inspires. 

South Africa is a land rich in culture and exquisite heritage. Our nation is made by our people. We are dynamic and welcoming because our hearts are bigger than the circumstances that are meant to define us. South Africa not only inspires our international guests, but our very own people too. One of the people that embodies this notion is Sindiso Khumalo.

A fashion and textile designer inspired by her country.

Sindiso Khumalo is an award-winning sustainable textile designer based in Cape Town, South Africa. She founded her label with a focus on creating modern sustainable textiles with a strong emphasis on African storytelling.

“June 16 is a story about how students - children - went out and tried to change a system that was so big, so powerful, so violent” – Sindiso explains the significance of Youth Day in South Africa.

Watch more here:

TThe inspiration of her garments.

Sindiso Khumalo breaks down how she uses her work to tell the stories of black women in beautiful ways.

“If I think consciously about my supply chain then I’m able to ensure the impact of an order from a store like Net-a-Porter makes a huge impact on a community rather than just making the clothes in any old place.” – Sindiso talking about why community is central to her fashion label.

PPhiladelphia inspiration

Fashion and textile designer Sindiso Khumalo says the story of land is an important element of her work and talks about how places such as Philadelphia in the Western Cape have inspired her work and fashion shoots

Watch here:

“My most favourite thing about Cape Town is the fact that you can just drive a very short distance and be in the most amazing natural landscapes.”

WWatch Sindiso explore her favourite restaurant; Emazulwini in Cape Town as she chats to the restaurant owner about some of their signature dishes.


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