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SSouth Africa has always actively contributed to the growth of sciences and technology. Ever since the country’s monumental contribution to the surgical industry in 1967 with the world’s first human-to-human heart transplant performed by South African Dr. Christiaan Barnard, the country hasn’t stopped innovating in this space.

South Africa is a nation at the forefront of cutting-edge medical procedures. The country’s history of excellence and innovation in healthcare makes it a serious contender in the health tourism industry, one of the fastest-growing tourism trends. Not only are people coming from afar for medical forums but they are also seeing South Africa as the ideal place to recoup and recover after medical procedures due to the country’s modern medical procedures and affordable post-surgery tours and packages.

South Africa also has the largest pharmaceuticals market in Africa, valued at over USD3.2billion in revenue. The country also has a population with a high genetic diversity, which makes it a particularly advantageous location for life sciences research and application in the long term.

With all this in mind, the fact remains that South Africa is the ideal destination for medical conferences, meetings and symposiums due to its meaningful medical history and significant contributions to the field. With eight established and renowned medical schools, each under the support of public universities; it is no wonder then that South Africa is considered a world leader in medical practices and methods.


  • World’s first heart transplant by Dr. Christiaan Barnard
  • Invention of the CAT/CT Scan
  • Full-body x-ray scanner
  • The bollard, an implantable expanding rivet used in prosthetic ligament injuries
  • Ground-breaking biomedical stem cell research
  • Lodox Systems produces a unique full-body X-ray scanner – the only one of its kind


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