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SSouth Africa’s creative industry is dominated by the film sector as well as a vibrant arts & crafts industry. The creative services sector is one of the drivers of sustainable economic opportunities, providing livelihoods for local communities while expanding business opportunities for small, medium and large enterprises. The question remains, where do all these creatives get their inspiration from? The answer lies all around them.

Local and foreign filmmakers are taking advantage of South Africa’s diverse, unique locations – as well as low production costs and favourable exchange rate, which helps add more value to filmmaking than could be achieved in Europe or the US.

Overall, and beyond film, South Africa’s creative economy contributes around R90bn to the national economy. This is why publically funded arts, culture and heritage sector projects, events and organisations are key to economic growth and job creation.

South Africa has a creative soul, and South Africans are born from it. Creative expression is a national treasure held to the highest esteem with many South Africans changing the world such as Hugh Masekela, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Gavid Hood and Neil Blomkamf, to name just a few.

With an abundance of beauty, culture and spirit, South Africa is the perfect destination for any event that has creativity at its heart and craves inspiration.

The creative economy includes:

  • Cape Town Film Studios – the first custom-built high-tech film studio complex of its kind in Africa, with state-of-the-art support services.
  • Skyrink Studios is a world-class production precinct in the heart of a world-class African city. This is where Africa’s production stars shine at their brightest.
  • African art is some of the most highly sought after globally, and South Africa plays a leading role in driving growth and value in the appreciation of this art. South Africa hosts two of the most highly successful arts fairs hosted in Cape Town and Joburg as part of the global art calendar.

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