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TTake the hour-long guided tour on foot into Sudwala Cave’s biggest cavern and marvel at the amazing ancient rock formations. Your guide will point out fantastic natural sculptures and rock formations, which adorn the grand cavern. Look out for the 150-million-year-old stalactite/stalagmite column, The Lowveld Rocket, or the 160-million-year-old Screaming Monster – mere youngsters compared to the venerable 200-million-year-old Samson’s Pillar. Or be more adventurous and occasionally take to your hands and knees on the five-hour Crystal Tour. Regarded as the oldest caves in the world, delegates will enjoy going on the Crystal Tour, which takes you 2000m into the caves en route to the Crystal Chamber to view the incredible array of crystals. A visit to the Sudwala Dinosaur Park is another fun outing for those who will enjoy a journey back to Jurassic times. The park is set in a beautiful tropical garden and visitors can enjoy the abundant birdlife in the area from a wooden deck that overlooks the “Rainforest Valley”.

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