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TTumbling 70m in two double streams with water rainbows, white spray and a deep, dramatic pool, this is what waterfalls are supposed to look like.

In the 1870s, a number of Scottish immigrants came to Mpumalanga to pan for gold. Many of them, unsurprisingly, had surnames that began with Mac. When President Thomas Burger visited the area, he thought this quite amusing and named the area Mac-Mac.

The falls are just as beautiful and unspoilt as they were back then, though now there is a viewing platform so you can step out over the ridge and get a real sense of the plunge. 

Did You Know?
TThere are actually more waterfalls around Sabie than anywhere else in Southern Africa.

TThe platform is surrounded by wire mesh for your safety – when you see how high 70m is, you will be grateful for this protection! To get the best picture, you’ll need to wriggle your camera through one of the diamond-shaped spaces, but remember to hold on tight.

AAt the bottom of the falls there is a very deep pool. This is off limits, but about 2km back you’ll find the Mac-Mac Pools. Here you can swim, cool off under the trees, picnic and relax.

 After that, take a gentle walk along the 3km Secretary Bird Walking Trail. The trail takes you through indigenous bush alongside pools. On the way you’ll see local birds such as robins, thrushes, turacos, greenbuls and even cuckoos. If you’re really lucky, you’ll see the elusive secretary bird. And if you don’t see it, you might hear its strange death dance – this bird stamps snakes and small rodents to death then throws the prey about before eating it. 

In the mood for a little more adventure? Get back onto the Panorama Route and head to the nearby Berlin and Lisbon falls. However, you must take care. This is as natural as can be – the falls are not fenced and the drop is tremendous.

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