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WWhere do you find your peace?

Is it in a quiet place where the only noise is the call of birds in the trees while the autumn breeze blows the leaves in murmuring cadence? Is it nestled in the sight of nature’s scenic art gallery? Perhaps you find it in the somnolent sound of rural living or in the presence of wildlife that involuntarily restores you to equanimity.

Whatever the case, there’s no doubt that one of the pathways to peace is through nature. And thankfully, finding it is far easier that you could ever imagine.

Located in the shadows of the Malelane Mountain range and 45km from the Kruger National Park is a peaceful retreat in Mpumalanga that has come to be known as the aha Bongani Mountain Lodge.

Photo: © Heribert Bechen
Did You Know?
TThe farming town of Malelane got its name from either the Swazi word, ‘emlalani’ which means ‘place of the lala palms’, or was named after a Swazi tribe which meant ‘guardians’ - of the ford in the Crocodile River. The spelling of ‘Malalane’ is also sometimes used.

BBoasting gentle and unspoiled landscapes, this game reserve welcomes discerning guests to a place of unparalleled peace and tranquility.

Each chalet in this luxurious accommodation establishment is designed to not only capture the spirit of Africa, but to also bring the beauty of the outdoors into its interiors with warm terracotta tones and a subtle blend of timber and thatch. In addition, it features private decks with spellbinding wraparound views and every modern comfort, ideal for families, groups or individual travellers.

Bongani Mountain Lodge

When to visit
How to get here

AA place of wildlife

While enjoying a sundower on your private deck, there’s a great chance that you might spot one (or more) of Africa’s big five game animals – lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, Cape buffalo – disappearing into the horizon.

If not, you have the choice to go on an exciting game drive offered by Bongani Mountain Lodge.

All you have to do is sit back and relax in an open safari vehicle. Your experienced guide will ensure that you’re fully immersed in the moment defined by the sights and sounds of the bush as you come into close contact with nature and the multitude of species of wildlife, reptiles and birdlife.

There are also other things to see and do at the game reserve, such as rock art tours, cultural village tours, Kruger National Park drives, adventurous game drives as well as bush walks through the lodge.

AA place of history

As you wander through the Bongani Mountain Lodge, you’ll find that it’s almost impossible to avoid the undying spirit of the great African explorers and hunters of the bygone era who once occupied the area.

These include the San people, with over 250 recorded San rock art sites estimated to be 1500 years old - the greatest concentration of recorded rock art per square metre on earth.

Speaking of great Africans, Nelson Mandela has also graced the shores of Bongani Mountain Lodge. Just a few days after his release from prison in 1990, the former president of South Africa visited the Mthethomusha Nature Reserve, managed by the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Authority (MTPA). He also addressed a capacity crowd that had gathered at the nearby KaNyamazane Stadium in Likazi. This is the same stadium where the national 2017 World Tourism Day celebrations were held. During his stay in the province, Mandela went on a hunting expedition at the MTPA-managed Songimvelo Nature Reserve.

AA place of African cuisine

The lodge boasts an outdoor dining boma (an enclosure), which provides guests with an ideal setting to sweetly repose around an open-fire and enjoy a traditional African meal under glittering skies.

There’s also a beautiful restaurant on site where you can catch enthralling views of the bush and the mountains. A hearty breakfast, leisurely lunch and buffet dinner here will leave you wanting more.

And with so much scenic beauty stalking your every move, there’s no reason not to grab a light meal, snack or a drink on the viewing deck while you lose yourself in the pulse of the rolling countryside.

A place of escape

Sometimes (read: often) the best thing you can do for yourself is to escape the city rush. To enjoy the mystery of the bush, to feel the sun’s warmth on your back, to listen to the sound of the wind in the trees, and more importantly, to find your peace.

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