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NNetflix recently launched, Made in South Africa series, giving a local and immersive tour into some of South Africa’s attractions.

A cultural affinity survey showed that audiences abroad are 3.1 times more likely to travel to South Africa after watching content on Netflix that featured South Africa proving that content as a creative solution, drives tourism into the country. The viewers were especially attracted to the landmarks and monuments explored by co-stars of Netflix SA shows, Dillon Windvogel and Ama Qamata, in this YouTube video, where they walk through the stunning city of Cape Town. South Africa’s oldest town - The Mother City. 

AA marvellous metropolis for the world to admire South Africa’s beauty at its finest but what makes this scintillating city such a supernova destination? Beyond the oceans, the mountains, the fashion or food, Cape Town is home to a kaleidoscope of colour, culture and creativity; making it the perfect place to explore.

Here are a few spots worth checking out:

1) Zeitz MOCAA Museum

The world’s largest museum of contemporary African art dominates the business hub of the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. The Zeitz MOCAA building houses many displays representing South Africa’s rich history. It’s not just the historical homegrown heritage that makes it a worldwide phenomenon, it’s the nine floors of African art and diaspora, the reimagined architecture and design of a grain silo. It’s the lavish luxury hotel sitting atop this beautiful building with an extraordinary panoramic view of the city landscape as well as the delicious contemporary cuisine - from the classic, hearty Gatsby to our local twist on braai vleis and indulgent, proudly South African desserts.

The Zeitz MOCAA is an African experience waiting to be explored. Check out the official museum website here for more.

2) Castle of Good Hope

The Castle of Good Hope, the oldest existing colonial building in South Africa, is rich in culture and overflowing with history. This star fort is located along the Table Bay coastline. The pentagonal fortress was constructed by Dutch colonialists in the 17th century. The renowned landmark is central to the story of Cape Town, being the seat of government and military operations for 200 years. A tour of the Castle’s two museums and expansive grounds offer fascinating insights into Cape Town’s military and cultural history.

And you can even catch a real-life blacksmith in action! Visit the official website and click here for more.

3) Clifton 4th

Clifton 4th, an illustrious stretch of boujee, upmarket developments coupled with gorgeous beaches, can be found near Camps Bay. The white sandy shores of Clifton 4th Beach are packed with beauty – everywhere. Of all four spectacular Clifton beaches, this is the top beach spot for dog walking, sunbathing, beach volleyball, frisbee and a lekker braai. If you’re brave enough to go for the icy waters, there are some crashing waves to bodysurf too!

From picture-perfect memories to breathtaking views, and even a street of hip bars and vibey restaurants, this pristine area in Cape Town is a definite must-see.

4) Belhar

This small suburb situated in the Western Cape forms part of the Cape Flats area. Belhar is not only home to the Blood and Water star, Dillon Windvogel, but it also offers Cape Town’s tourists a closer look at the lifestyle of its neighbouring districts and invites them into a close-knit community where the vibrant energy carries throughout.


With all the beauty, heritage and marvels showcased and celebrated in local content like Netflix’s Blood and Water, it’s no secret that South Africa is not just the place to visit, it is also the space to explore and make real memories through our warm and welcoming people, spaces and culture. South Africans are ready to welcome all visitors with broad smiles and share the country’s beauty with them. 

After all, there’s a lot to explore and discover in South Africa. Make sure you check out more local content on NetflixSA.


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