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FFeeling the water thundering through the gorge at the Augrabies Falls is a  moment in your travels when the sheer power of nature leaves you breathless.

To understand why the Khoisan people referred to the Augrabies Falls as "the place of great noise", you need to hear it for yourself. During the rainy season when the Orange River is at it’s most powerful, you will experience the full might of the water as it thunders down the 56m-high falls. The might of this natural wonder will stay with you for a long time to come.

At the Augrabies Falls National Park in the Northern Cape, the waterfall is only the beginning. Exploring the region will take you to many other attractions nearby, including a wide variety of flowers and animals, and the unique Moon Rock.

Did You Know?
TThe Khoi call the Augrabies Falls Aukoerabis, “the place of great noise”. You’ll know why when you hear it.

TThe Augrabies Falls is situated 120km to the west of Upington in the Northern Cape. It forms part of the Augrabies Falls National Park, which is rich with brilliant and beautiful plant and animal life.

Augrabies Falls, Northern Cape

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RRegionally specific plant species include the enigmatic Quiver Tree or Kokerboom. Traditionally, the Khoisan hunters made their quivers from this tree, which dates back thousands of years and produces vivid yellow flowers in May and June. The Augrabies Falls National Park offers a glimpse into an ancient landscape and the world of the first hunter-gatherers.

If you sit silently you may be treated to the sight of a beautiful pair of grazing klipspringers (Afrikaans word for rock jumper) – continuously alert to the slightest sign of trouble from any of the predators, including leopards, jackals and the African wild cat. The park is also home to antelope species such as steenbok, springbok, gemsbok, kudu and eland. Keep an eye out for all of these majestic species as you explore the park.

Complete your visit with a bird's-eye view of the park from the top of the Moon Rock – a vast “whaleback” dome that is a prominent landmark of the Augrabies Falls. Walking to the summit will remind you why you’re there with one of the best views of the park and its surroundings.

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