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JJune 16 marks a special day on the South African calendar. It honours the young heroes who fought for a fair education system during apartheid, highlighting the role the youth played in the liberation of South Africa.

To honour Youth Day, we, together with Tourism Minister, Derek Hannekom, helped enlighten 135 high school learners and their teachers, from various previously-disadvantaged schools in Tshwane, by treating them to a historical tour of the city. We visited numerous iconic landmarks throughout the day – including the Union Buildings and the Palace of Justice – and ending the afternoon with a walkabout and lunch at Freedom Park.

The day was a poignant reminder of our all-too-recent history and the struggles that the South African majority had to endure. It also helped us remember our symbol of peace, strength, equality, prosperity and courage, Nelson Mandela.

While his passing in 2013 may have marked the end of an era, it did not mark the end of his contribution to humanity.  At South African Tourism, we’re making it easier for people to get closer to this colossal man by making it simple to visit Madiba-inspired attractions and relive the events that shaped his moral fibre.

Our Madiba’s Journey App is a pilgrimage of inspiration, allowing people to discover all there is to know about his story – and hopefully encourage them to go away and do incredible things themselves. Because once you see something profound, something profound inside you changes. For these young kids, we hope we helped them find that inside their own hearts.







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