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OOver three days, the trade hosted sessions gave a variety of tourism facilities the opportunity to present what they had to offer to local operators who are responsible for packaging and selling the area to tourists and local visitors. Leisure activities are the focal point for these Karoo communities and the greater area, yet it is evident that each town is motivated to working together to ensure growth and development is taking place throughout the entire Karoo, making it an all-encompassing stop for both business and leisure.

The trade hosted sessions play a vital role in fostering and building a relationship between key tourism players and that in turn drives knowledge about what is available in the industry. The community presentations event, which was held at this trade hosting was relaxed, entertaining and provided an excellent way for the tourism facilities to boast and educate on everything they have to offer.

What emerged out of this trade hosted tour is that olive estates and olive-related products have become a special part of any Karoo trip; that the mountain passes are so spectacular that they alone make the trip through the Karoo something to behold; and that the towns are all steeped in interesting history and cultural charm. Accommodation is cosy, friendly and hands-on, and everyone is committed to the finer details and unique Karoo offerings. From delis with homemade cheeses and olives to succulent Karoo lamb dishes, the specialness of the Karoo and its people is evident wherever you go. 

Wine tasting and dinners held at restaurants such as Relish and The Conservatory in Prince Albert provided the opportunity for networking and social interaction. A speed marketing session held on an olive estate enabled further discussion to foster business relations within the trade. Having experienced these establishments first hand means that local operators are better able to sell, market and promote with an honest and enthusiastic viewpoint.

A Story weaver in Prince Albert, a welcome by a local music group, a town exploration of Beaufort West and learning about Karoo fauna and flora in the Karoo National Park were enjoyed by everyone who participated in this trade hosted tour.

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