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We live in such a beautifully diverse and vibrant country, yet still, South Africans are not exploring it! The question we have to ask is: how can we help inspire our fellow South African’s to enjoy their South Africa? Introducing Sho’t Left Travel Week.

AAs South African Tourism we have partnered with Provincial Tourism Authorities to call on the local tourism industry to provide special travel offers for South African travelers this September. 

We would like our domestic travel trade players to partner with us, and list discounted deals ranging up to 50%.  The validity period of deals will be at your own discretion. Deals must only be available to book from 24 to 30 September and total bookings must be reported to South African Tourism.

By putting tourism experiences on ‘sale’ we hope to ramp up travel activities to the benefit of yourself, especially during off-peak seasons; to South Africans and ultimately, to our economy.

What’s in it for trade partners?

  • Extensive marketing by South African Tourism
  • Seasonality – trade is able to offer discounts to consumers for their quieter periods
  • Provincial spread – provinces that usually get fewer visitors will have an opportunity to showcase their offerings and affordability to a wide audience

TTerms and Conditions

  • Please note that all sales will take place on your own booking platform
  • Please ensure that your terms and conditions for packages are clearly noted and packages are loaded HERE for Sho't Left deals
  • Participation is at your own risk. Sho’t Left  and South African Tourism will not be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred due to your participation in Sho’t Left Travel Week
  • Participation is only open to legally registered companies
  • By signing this agreement you agree to fulfil your discounted packages as promised to the consumer
  • By participating you agree to report all sales recorded for your Sho’t Left Travel Week packages

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