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South Africa has developed a risk categorisation model for different countries, classifying countries according to a scale of high, medium and low risk. High-risk countries are those with higher numbers of COVID-19 infections and reported deaths compared to SSouth Africa.  Medium risk countries have a relatively equal number of infections and death toll to South Africa, whilst low-risk countries have a lesser number of COVID-19 infections and the death toll in comparison to South Africa. All travellers coming into the country will be screened for any COVID-19 symptoms and be required to provide proof of accommodation address, should they need to self-quarantine. They will also need to supply a negative PCR (polymerase chain reaction) COVID test not older than 72 hours from the date of departure from their country.


“We are encouraged to see that travel is open for the rest of the continent. This follows global trends in changing traveller behaviour which is influenced by trust and confidence where travel starts domestically then regionally and ultimately internationally,” says SA Tourism Chief Executive Officer, Mr Sisa Ntshona.

EExplore with ease.


See the Big Five without fear. With all the right protocols in place including social distancing measures, frequent sanitization, and temperature checks, you’ll feel completely at ease when taking that game drive. #ShareSouthAfrica

SSpend safely.

In the mood to shop your heart out? Whether it’s the Diamond Walk or a grocery run – you can spend with total peace of mind. Through social distancing measures in the lifts and throughout our malls, temperature checks, touchless parking stations and even easy pay systems, you can splurge safely. “We’ve been working hard over the past few months to ensure our readiness and preparedness for the current pandemic. These measures include social distancing marking, throughout the common areas, in the lifts, sanitization stations throughout the common areas in the malls. We’ve also introduced touchless parking so one doesn’t have to touch the parking equipment when entering the parking area. One doesn’t have to touch the pay on foot system with our new MasterPass pay system. So all these measures we are working on is to ensure the safety of our shoppers and our patrons. We look forward to welcoming you back.” – Sandton City

Dining without a doubt.

You don’t have to order in anymore! With social distancing procedures, detail tracking, temperature checks, frequent and consistent sanitization, compulsory mask policies, and QR code menus, you’ll be able to dine with peace of mind. “The method put in place to ensure our customers are safe when they come to visit us - obviously as a result of Covid, we’ve taken great lengths to make sure every single detail and even gone beyond for that matter, making sure that the place is safe. We’ve done all the necessary screening tests required. Obviously, the social distancing required in terms of the placement of tables. Everything is as far as practically possible – touchless. We have QR coded our menu, our wine list as well as when you’re coming through you actually scan your all your details for the tracing and tracking purposes.” – Signature Restaurant.

Stay without stress.

Spending the night or a few? You can rest assured that from check-in to check out, your stay will be perfectly safe. With social distancing markers, compulsory mask policies, frequent and consistent sanitization as well as sterilized individual food packaging, you won’t think twice about staying out. “When they arrive, as a safety measure for our guests and staff, we take their temperature, we have sanitizing dispensers placed at all access points. We encourage our guests to sign a self-declaration form. Wearing a mask is compulsory as it ensures the safety of everybody on the property. We’ve actually measured the distance of our beds. We have disinfected high touch areas such as staircases, door handles as well as any communal spots. Even though things aren’t how they used to be. You will still get that warm, South African hospitality.” – La Villa Rosa Guesthouse

Explore with ease.


Need a walk or ride on the wild side? No problem! Come see our beautiful wildlife over the gorgeous safari views with complete confidence. Through sanitization, social distancing markings, detail tracking, educational info, and a zero-tolerance mask policy – you are free as a bird to enjoy our big 5 with no worries. “So when clients are checking in, we make sure that before they enter the premises they are sanitized and also we take their details which includes the symptoms they may have and also where have they been traveling. We check our clients and also our employees when they arrive in the park and also we check them when they leave the park by screening; taking their temperature. And also at the reception, we have made sure that there are enough sanitizers and everyone is wearing a mask because this is a must – it’s not negotiable. The rooms are information about the regular washing of hands. Also, we’ve put in sanitizers to make sure people comply with our requirements.” – SAN Parks

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