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Western Cape

You are only moments away

Cape Town
Weekend Getaway

IIt has been described as the guardian of Cape Town, and as you witness it for the first time, looming over the city, a blanket of clouds draping over its edges, Table Mountain, one of the seven wonders of the world, is breathtaking.

For those visiting Cape Town, it is an absolute must-see, but it is more than just a tourist attraction, the myths and legends of the mountain are enthralling. We live on a continent filled with rich stories, ancient mythologies, and captivating legends.  We come from Kings and Queens, Pharaohs and great warriors. And as we traverse this great continent, we must make sure that our histories and our stories are never lost.


The Guardian

Perhaps the most well-known story is that of Table Mountain as the watcher of the south.  The Xhosa folktale tells the legend of Qamata, the son of the Sun God Tixo and Earth Goddess Djobela. Qamata was responsible for creating the world.

The story goes that while he was creating dry land, the sea dragon Nkanyamba, jealous of his creation tried to stop him. What followed was a fierce and violent battle that resulted in Qamata being crippled and unable protect his land.

Wanting to help her son, the Earth Goddess created four giants to protect the four corners of the world. The giants fought battle after battle, falling one by one as they were killed by the sea dragon. In their final moments, they begged Djobela to turn them into mountains so that even in death, they could guard the earth forever. The southernmost giant – also the biggest and strongest was given the name Umlindi Wemingizimu or Watcher of the South.


The Pirate and the Devil

As the southeastern wind blows over the mountain, the clouds gather above it, slowly pouring over its edges, draping the mountain in a white tablecloth. Just like the story of Qamata, even this has a legend behind it.  It is said, that there was a Dutch pirate named Van Hunks who loved to smoke his pipe. One day as he was smoking in his favorite spot – now known as the Devils Peak, a stranger approached and challenged him to a smoking duel.

Some people say that the contest went on for days on end, each day creating a large cloud of smoke that completely enveloped the pair and the mountain. In the end, Van Hunks defeated the stranger. However just as the duel ended, the pirate discovered that the stranger was, in fact, the devil. Furious that he had lost to a human man, a bright flash of lightning appeared and both men disappeared. All that was left behind was a cloud of smoke draped over the mountain.

Today Table Mountain still stands watching over Cape Town. A gracious and majestic sleeping giant that is a constant reminder of our past. This Easter, Cape Town is the perfect destination for those wishing not only to learn but to have an adventure. In addition to being home to one of the wonders of the world, the breathtaking metropolis is surrounded by beaches and sprawling vineyards. You can also visit Parliament Buildings, City Hall, the Slave Lodge and the Castle of Good Hope or take a boat to Robben Island, the infamous prison that once held Nelson Mandela.

As for places to stay, Cape Town has fantastic hotels to choose from. One of which is SunSquare Cape Town City Bowl, the hottest new hotel in the city center. The hip and modern city hotel offers fantastic Easter packages with three nights at $680 per person in a single standard room, $481 per adult in a double standard room and $94 per child sharing with an adult. This price includes airport transfers, scheduled cape town city tours with return Table Mountain aerial cableway tickets and a fill day Peninsular tour including seal island cruise and return funicular tickets.

Alternatively, you can also stay at Southern Sun Waterfront hotel in the heart of the city’s more tourist-friendly precinct and a short walk from the V&A waterfront. Three-day packages cost $968 per person in a single standard room, $625 per adult in a double standard room and $95 per child. 

Contact Bunson Travel (Nairobi) to book your Easter getaway now:

T(+254) 20 3685 990/1-9

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