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SSun City’s Valley of the Waves, magnificent golf courses and stunning hotels, including the timeless elegance of their crowning glory, the Palace, are well known between local and international tourists alike. Visitors flock from all around South Africa and the globe for that matter, to escape to a different world where fun and fantasy allow you a brief respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

AAnd while this magnificent resort complex offers the perfect place to simply kick back and relax, there is also another wilder side to those who wish to discover it. And I’m not just talking about the obvious wild adventures offered in the neighbouring Pilanesberg Game Reserve, which is home to the Big Five alongside a whole host of other game species, but also the exciting adventure activities on offer right inside the Sun City resort.

Why not dance over the swing bridge, explore the brand new maze or brave the Temple of Courage’s 70-metre slide? If that doesn’t get your heart racing, then test out the two new slides that were added to the Valley of the Waves mid last year. The one takes you on a heart-pumping adventure on a double tube (so that someone else can you hear you scream) as you get thrown into the dark before plummeting up a vertical wall. Here you are sure you are about to tip over while staring at your feet, before making it safely back to the pool at the bottom, still, safely in your tube. But this has nothing on WhiteWater. On this ride, you are locked into a capsule-like coffin and while a voice counts down the moments to, what seems like, certain death, a floor gives way underneath you. This sends you on a vertical drop of 17 metres and then up and over on the quickest, most exhilarating ride of your life!

HHowever, all this is nothing compared to the experience offered by Zip2000 – a crazy ride that for six years held the title of the world’s longest, highest and fastest zipline. After a short drive up to the top of the koppie that towers over Sun City, you are fastened into a harness by your trusty guide. As your heart hammers in your ears and your toes, you are strapped to your partner and your shaking legs are lifted behind you so that you lie horizontal, suspended in midair, facing the vertical slope of the mountain and wondering what on earth you signed up for.

AAnd then, just like at WhiteWater, there is that terrifying countdown and you are off! As quickly as the scream leaves your mouth it is whipped away by the wind and replaced by bubbles of laughter. With a tailfin between your legs and your arms outstretched you can see beyond the horizon and you finally understand what it means to be a bird, as this has got to be what flying feels like. With an average speed of 120km, the two-kilometre zip line is over before you have had a chance to catch your breath, leaving you with a memory you won’t soon forget.

But once you have your feet firmly planted on terra firma, the adventurous experiences doesn’t have to stop. That is because Adrenaline Extreme has a whole host of other activities just waiting for you. Jump onto quadbikes for an exciting drive that includes obstacles you never thought possible. Bump your way over tire pits, roll and rumble across twisted logs and even perform a carefully timed vertical see-saw. All the while your friendly guides will show you the ropes and make sure that you feel safe while performing these daring stunts. Definitely not your average quad biking experience! For pure petrol heads, they also offer drift trikes and hovercrafts while the human slingshot offers another hair-raising experience, akin to bungee jumping!

SSo the next time you head to Sun City, try stashing the cocktail and good book, even if just for a little while, and instead pack a dose of courage – you will need it but you won’t regret it!  

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