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TTravelling in and around South Africa’s bustling metropolitans is easy, convenient and affordable. Whether you’re zipping around in an Uber, train, bus or cab, you’re guaranteed to arrive at your destination safely and within time. Here’s a list of South Africa’s public transport services that you can make use of when exploring the vibrant streets of the country’s cities, including Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg.


MMyCiti is Cape Town’s convenient and organised bus service that launched in 2010 and has since been the locals’ preferred choice of getting around. From the City Bowl and Atlantic Seaboard to the city’s outer suburban areas including Constantia, the bus service operates 36 routes in and around the city, making it one of the most reliable means of exploring Cape Town.


TThere are two public train services that operate in Johannesburg, one of them being Metrorail. But the Gautrain is by far the best in terms of reliability, speed and comfort. Launched in 2010, the train covers 80 kilometres of railway, which links Johannesburg, Pretoria, Ekhuruleni and O. R. Tambo International Airport. Fare prices vary depending on your destination, and you can purchase a single, return, weekly or monthly pass. The Gautrain is definitely “for people on the move.”

People Mover

AAnother transport service that gets people moving is Durban’s People Mover, a bus service that’s known for its attractive and brightly-coloured fleet. Locals consider this service a fun and affordable way to get around, with fares that range from only R5.50 to R16 and it covers several routes including the City Loop and Beach Line. Running every 15 minutes, there’s no need to stress should you miss the bus – there’s one around the corner.


TTranslated, Libhongolethu means “Our pride” – this bus service is definitely Port Elizabeth’s pride and joy. Still in testing stages, the bus will soon get commuters moving from A to B in no time. Be sure to look out for this bus service when visiting this friendly city.


OOperating in 633 cities across the world including South Africa, Uber is also one of South Africans’ most preferred modes of travelling. This cab service operates in most cities and towns, provided you download the app and enter the relevant information to get you started. Please take note of who your driver is, what’s their car registration number and share your estimated time of arrive (ETA) to ensure a safe journey.


SSimilar to that of Uber, Taxify is also a cab service that operates in most cities and towns in South Africa. Simply download the app from an Android or Apple store, enter your relevant card and personal details and once you’re registered, you’re well on your way to exploring the sights and sounds of the city.

Did You Know?
TTransport officials confirmed that Gautrain will get 48 additional 48 coaches to its fleet and new routes.

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