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TThe Valley of the Waves theme park at the Sun City resort offers visitors the chance to surf, swim and ride water chutes in the midst of the African bushveld. Yes you read correctly – this immensely popular theme park and entertainment venue is a recreation haven in the middle of the bush.

The Valley of the Waves theme park is a jewel in the crown of the Sun City resort complex, no mean feat when you consider the enormous range of leisure activities on offer at the resort.

Did You Know?
TThe Roaring Lagoon generates a 1.2-metre wave every 90 seconds.

PPart of the astounding Lost Palace development at Sun City, built around an ancient (and long-dormant) volcano, this North West province theme park is a pleasure kingdom for thrill-seekers and sun-seekers alike, offering a wonderful array of activities to keep boredom at bay.

CCatering to both day visitors and those staying over at one of Sun City's many luxury resorts, the Valley of the Waves' entertainment options are many, from simply lazing around in the sun or enjoying a leisurely swim to riding the rapids on an underground river. The more adventurous will make a beeline for the Roaring Lagoon and the Temple of Courage.

The former is just what it purports to be –  a man-made lagoon, in which every 90 seconds a 1.2m-high wave with a velocity of 35 km/h crashes against the sandy beach pulling with it a delighted wall of human bodies.

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TThe Temple of Courage, meanwhile, is not for the faint at heart. It is a 70 metre-long, near-vertical chute, down which daredevils hurtle their way to the sparkling pool's quick but memorable!

There are more sedate rides for younger children and nervous adults too. The Sacred River Ride is an underground river journey on brightly coloured tubes that gently meander their way around the Valley of the Waves theme park. Or tackle the Tarantula, a scream-a-minute tube ride in total darkness!

Linking the Lost City to the Valley of the Waves is the Bridge of Time. With its elephant guardians and mock volcano that “erupts” in billowing smoke and lava – it's your gateway to a wave of water-filled adventure.

This is fun in the sun and is most definitely Sun City’s legendary hub for all kinds of water fun. Offering family-friendly water activities that appeal to adventurers of all ages, there is something for everyone at this iconic Sun City water park.

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