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TThe unsuspecting impala sips slowly at the water. Nearby, a hippo cools itself in mud as a hammerhead stork picks small insects off her ample back. Suddenly, from out of the long grass, a coil-spring of black spots explodes. The impala has only a moment to raise its head before the cheetah is upon him. 


You fumble for your camera, but the lens cap is still on. You struggle to get it off, dropping the camera in your haste. In the meantime, the cheetah disappears with its kill. Your shot is lost forever. 


Don't let this be the story of your South African safari. Go on a photographic safari, guided by trained photographic guides. While you enjoy looking out for animals, you’ll also learn skills and tips from professional photographers with years of experience. Find the best locations and angles, and get in close for those truly amazing shots. 


Perhaps you only know the basics. Maybe you’re advanced but looking for some fresh perspective. Whatever level you’re at, there’s a guide to suit your needs. Get up close and personal with the Big 5; take in stunning South African scenery; and capture moments you’ll remember forever. 

Did You Know?

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Who to contact 


Wild4 Photo Safaris 

+ 27 (0)61 010 6817 



+27 12 428 9111 


Best time to visit 


The best time for game viewing is during South Africa’s dry winter and spring months (May to early October). 


Things to do 


Treat yourself to a few nights in one of the Kruger National Park’s luxury lodges. 


What to pack 


Pack your camera, extra memory cards and a hat to ward off the sun. 


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