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South Africa
Health And Fitness
Cape Town
What you need to know

DDetox International, a detoxification programme developed in Europe, runs a number of annual South African retreats in the Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng. These week-long retreats offer therapies aimed at physical, mental and spiritual purification, with benefits for weight loss, chronic conditions and the body’s immunity, digestion and metabolism. 

Detox International, a holistic programme of body detoxing that is said to offer mental, physical and emotional benefits, is also available in South Africa. Developed in Europe by a Scottish healer and nutritionist, the concept, which incorporates fasting, colon cleansing and yoga, adheres to an age-old belief that fasting and purification techniques aid spiritual advancement. 

Detox retreats take place over 7 days. Clients embark on a juice-based fast, which both cleanses the body and supplies it with essential enzymes and nutrients. Colonic cleansing, supporting the liver in its detoxification functions, is achieved through the use of colonic hydrotherapies or coffee and herbal enemas, which are preferred. 

The retreats also offer yoga sessions which help to bring the body into alignment, improve circulation and eliminate toxins. 

Some of the benefits that these treatments promise are weight loss; improved digestion, metabolism and immunity; hormonal balance; and relief from chronic conditions. 

The programme prides itself on a high level of management from fully qualified nutritional therapists and naturopaths. Complementary therapies and professional counselling may be employed if emotional triggers are uncovered during the process. 

Locations for the detox programme are at scenic spots such as the Wilderness on the Garden Route in the Western Cape. 

Between treatments there is time to relax or meditate in beautiful surroundings, while the evenings bring talks on mind and body health. Clients leave armed with information on how to ensure their future lifestyles can continue with the benefits of the detoxification process. 

Wendy Greenway is the owner and director of Detox International South Africa, and her team includes dieticians, nutritional therapists, kinesiologists, reiki masters, yoga teachers, masseurs and reflexologists. 


* Please note that detoxification is not for everyone and one should only embark on this type of programme with the recommendation of a qualified medical practitioner. 

Did You Know?

TTravel tips & planning  info 

Who to contact 

Detox International  

Tel: +26 (0)377213 9232 



How to get here  

Retreats move around the country, so check for details of the next planned one on the Facebook page. 

Things to do 

Your retreat is structured and will revolve around healing activities and reflection. 

What to pack  

Comfy clothes, including yoga gear. 

Where to stay  

Accommodation will be included in your costs.  

What to eat 

All your meals and juices will be carefully prepared for maximum health benefit and included in the costs. 


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