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IInkwenkwezi Private Game Reserve is a Big Five Game Reserve situated in a prime, malaria free zone in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, at the start of the Wild Coast.

This reserve boasts the Big 5 but in fact if one considers the uniqueness of the reserve being adjacent to the coast and the possibility of spotting the Southern Wright Whale in season, it would be the big six!

The accommodation at Inkwenkwezi is luxury tented accommodation - a Bush Camp, consisting of six two-person lavish en-suite safari tents and a Valley Camp which offers 12 guests accommodation in six custom designed luxury tents, which emphasize space and quality.

Inkwenkwezi Private Game Reserve is an extremely special place with some unique experiences for guests - day visitors and accommodation guests alike. We offer game drives (safaris), quad bike riding, canoeing, bird-watching, and several different types of hikes. What sets Inkwenkwezi apart is the unique aspects of the game reserve. Apart from being a conventional Big 5 game reserve – with lions, leopards, elephant, buffalo and rhino - we also have genuine, and rare, white lions. What is meant by “genuine” is that the white lions are not albino lions, which would be devoid of all colour pigmentation. White lions actually have colour pigmentation, which is seen in the black pads on their paws and their black noses – it is just that their fur is white due to a recessive gene. They are, as you can probably imagine, incredible to see.

Inkwenkwezi has five different regional eco-systems (biomes) and a tidal saltwater estuary, with ebb and flow, within the reserve. Included in this is an Umtiza tree forest (the second largest population in South Africa – more than 300 trees in a 1ha area). The Umtiza listeriana is a rare tree species in the legume family, found only in a small area of the Eastern Cape.

Inkwenkwezi is also home to 286 species of birds that have been identified making it is a must-see for bird watchers.

 There has also been a recent discovery of a very rare and complex species of moth called the Veniliodes setinata.

Inkwenkwezi is also situated only two kilometres from the ocean so that, at certain times of the year, it’s even possible to spot a breeching whale from the game reserve. At this time excursions to the beach can be arranged to do some whale-watching and viewing of the sardine run (the largest oceanic biomass migration).

Due to its locality, Inkwenkwezi is the perfect ‘spring-board’ for tours to the Wild Coast and visiting Nelson Mandela’s birthplace.

 Inkwenkwezi is appropriately dubbed ‘The place of African legends’. It has a long history of providing people with what their hearts’ desire – from exciting safaris to the most romantic of settings for weddings; from a venue for exclusive conferences to an open invitation on Sundays for delicious carvery buffet lunches, as well as to its now-famous Wednesday monster hamburger nights which also boasts a full a la carte menu.

Inkwenkwezi Private Game Reserve has become a catalyst for employment in the area, having started with 10 people and now employing 80 with the numbers set to grow as the reserve develops further. During construction, only local companies, including builders, carpenters etc were contracted with both skilled and unskilled labour being provided by the local communities. To further encourage local employment, crafters will be encouraged to provide the Curio Shop with locally crafted items. Inkwenkwezi Private Game is a short convenient drive to and from the East London Airport.



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