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TThere is no comparison… this is the ultimate rush! Step over the edge. Experience white-knuckled fear, and embrace it. Stare down at the abyss, then dive into it. If not now, then when? Wild 5 Adventures is perched upon the edge of the spectacular Oribi Gorge, on the subtropical South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal. The indescribable views and natural beauty have drawn sightseers to this location for decades, making it a very popular tourist landmark. Wild 5 is a specialist adventure company, offering a range of adventure activities that vary in intensity; though all are guaranteed to get the heart pumping and the adrenaline flowing. We attract adventure seekers from around the globe, presenting them with professional service and world-class, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. The Wild Swing is the highest (tallest) of its kind in the world at 165 meters! One aspect that sets the Wild Swing apart, is that the jump does not take place from a man-made structure. Instead, the site is located at the top of a magnificent three-sided gorge, the central ledge housing the spout from which Lehr’s Waterfall flows, cascading 160 metres into a deep pool in the valley below. Jumpers are strapped securely in a full-body harness, which distributes the G-force across the entire body’s core, making it gentler, and thus suitable for children, paraplegics and adventures with various disabilities. Experienced, skilled adventure guides are there to guide you through every step of the process, to ensure your safety and to offer enthusiastic moral support. Jumping of a 55-storey high cliff should be on everybody’s bucket list! There are several vantage points from which to film or photograph the Wild Swing, so that these memories can be captured with artistic precision. Spectators are welcome and strangers often unite in excited cheering to encourage jumpers to take the leap, or to congratulate them for their bravery as they are winched back to the top. Other activities include an exhilarating Zip-line ride, 110-metre abseil beside Lehr’s Waterfall and a spine-tingling 84-metre suspension bridge experience. All these activities are easily accessible as they are available at one location. Water babies can look forward to taking on grade 2 to 4 rapids, in a Wild Water Rafting experience on the Umzimkhulu River. The departure point for this activity is situated a fun 4x4 drive away. Wild 5 Adventures takes pride in nurturing the natural environment, which has captivated the imagination of many a filmmaker. The location has provided a breath-taking backdrop for a number of international and local movies, documentaries and reality shows over the years. These include major Hollywood productions such as Blood Diamond (2006), Blue Crush 2 (2011), Strike Back IV (2013), and most recently, The Jungle Book (2015). Famous scenes from Bollywood movies such as Dhoom 2 (2006), Race (2008), Phata Poster Nikhla Hero (2013) and the recently-released Zorawar, were also shot on site, as were scenes in the local production Sleepers Wake (2011), Reality shows filmed on site include episodes of The Bachelor – Russia (2012) and Hollywood’s Ride-Iculous (2013). Celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Danny Glover, Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Saif Ali Khan, Ileana D’Cruz and many more, have stood in awe as they absorbed the beauty of the setting. There is no better setting for one to become the hero in your very own story! Something significant happens when people face their fears. They experience a turning point. A realisation that they are courageous… that they have the inner strength to overcome. It is very rewarding to see the expression on their faces when they make this discovery. Wild 5 Adventures takes social responsibility seriously and contributes towards and initiates various campaigns to give back. These include Twitter campaigns #Wild5CharityChalleng, which invites South African personalities to take part in an activity, after which a donation is made to the Khula Community Crèche initiative, in collaboration with the Genesis organisation. #Wild5CelebChallenge was created to support the Summer Hill House orphanage.

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