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SStormsriver Adventures is a professional, B-BBEE compliant, responsible tourism entity situated in Stormsriver Village. Outdoor educational activities offered within magnificent Garden Route National Park include the Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour, guided forest hikes and the Woodcutter’s Journey. In true pioneering spirit, Stormsriver Adventures introduced the Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour, the first cable sliding (zipline) of its kind built in Africa nearly 2 decades ago. Sensitively to the environmental impact, care was taken to during construction ensure that the slides and platforms would be non-invasive, with no bolts, nails or screws penetrating the trees. Rubber padded wooden blocks are also used between the cable and the trunks to avoid damage any part of the tree. A similar system is used for platforms and these cables and wooden blocks are retentioned and adjusted every year to prevent bruising of the bark and to allow the natural expansion of the tree trunk as it grows. Safety is a priority: appropriate gear is provided (full body harness, pulley, safety carabiners, gloves and helmet) and 2 trained guides accompany every group. This 2½ hour "green" activity consists of 10 slides that allows guests to experience the uniqueness of the ancient indigenous forest from an aerial perspective, over 30 meters above the forest floor! But it is more than merely another adventure company. Stormsriver Adventures remains resolutely committed to community upliftment: 90% of the staff complement are from the local area and thanks to a dynamic Equity and Skills Development Plan, several hold positions in senior management and 48% of the operating company is owned by its employees. Strong corporate values demand that active investment in their people as well as the environment and this is achieved by: Complying with environmental policies to ensure sustainable use of natural resources Collaborating with various parties in the area through partnerships and joint ventures that benefit all involved Uplifting the community through job creation Investing in the greater community by providing training for local residents to create a highly professional tourist-oriented area Providing marketing expertise for the responsible expansion of tourism to actively promote the area Maintaining and enhancing safety to conform to the highest industry standards Expanding environmental education packages by working with organizations such as Garden Route National Park Actively assisting with community fund raising projects and the development of SMMEs. An NPO was created by Stormsriver Adventures to combat poverty in the area, helping the community to regain its pride and residents to become self-sufficient through following projects: Child Welfare (School feeding system) HIV AIDS (support and excursions for those affected by the disease) Animal Welfare (vaccinations and free veterinary care) Clothing (distribution to the needy) Job Creation (skills development for unemployed youth)

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