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KKruger National Park offers the most special Wild Life Experience in South Africa. Tourism in the Lowveld focuses on the conservation of animals and especially "The Big Five", we at "Nynayi Cultural Village" focus on the conservation of Culture. We bring to life the history of the African Tribes that settled here in the Limpopo Valley, the Valley of the Elephants. Situated just 25 km form Hoedspruit, Nyani Cultural Village offers a safe, clean and amazing lunch time experience where you can share in the laughter, music, dance and taste of the Local Tribes. Past and Present. The "Roots of Rhythm" performers at Nyani Cultural Village do not only awaken your senses. The genuine joy of their performance ignite a sense of appreciation and a contagious desire to join in with the fun. We tell the story of our ancestors and our heritage. We tell the story of the pathways that were followed. We tell the story of the challenges they faced. We bring to you the Shona, Venda, Tswana, Swati, Zulu, Pedi, Shangaan and Tsonga Tribes. Their drum rhythms, their dances, their songs, their costumes, their histories. We look forward to you sharing our stories. You are always welcome. Trip Advisor Comment from Tonny Thiessen An amazing experience The village is cosy and original. The surrounding gives you a feeling of the tribals and their way of living. The dancers give their best. Incredible how they can jump around and sing at the same time. The rhythm of the drums goes directly to your bones and makes you want to jump up and dance. The costumes are colorful and original. You must try this. Don’t miss it

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