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LLebo Malepa opened up the doors to his family home in the early 2000's when tourism was still being introduced to Soweto and Sowetan's. He quickly saw that travellers coming into Soweto did not experience the place, the history and its heritage in an authentic way that contributed to people or communities. By opening up South Africa's first Backpacking accommodation situated in a township he provided a platform for curious travellers wanting to truly explore South Africa and its people. Being in Soweto, steeped in history and with a diversity of people and cultures, we make sure to facilitate the access to the various communities and historical sites for our guests. Our unique and personal tour offerings include bicycle, tuk tuk and walking tours of Soweto. The tours take our guests off the beaten track and into communities and homes giving them a chance to interact and learn from our people. Our guides are all from the area with in depth knowledge of our history, culture and lifestyle. We also invite storytellers from our community to tell their personal story relating to our history, culture and identity. Our storytelling sessions gather people around our bonfire where we celebrate oral history and the amazing life-stories from “ordinary people”. Lebo's Soweto also celebrates South Africa’s heritage and culture through food and cooking. An Outdoor Restaurant has been created in a previous neglected and dirty open space - today it is a green park shared by the whole community. Here we cook in the outdoors over open fire in cast iron pots with typical township and African flavours. We invite our guests to be part of a food experience teaching them about African cooking and sourcing of fresh vegetables from the local market and community farm. Beer brewing also forms part of our food experience where local women in our community brews beer and takes us through the customs and traditions of the African sorghum beer. Lebo's Soweto Backpackers has been accredited by Fair Trade in Tourism since 2008 for its commitment to uplift our community and use tourism as a tool of community development. We employ 25 staff members all from Soweto and we work hand in hand with small businesses and organisations to make sure more stakeholders can benefit from tourism.

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