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GGive us 1 Day and we give you 250 Million years ! We like to share our discoveries with you as our guests. Come and enjoy Day Tours at Ganora, a working sheep-farm 7km from Nieu-Bethesda and 60 km from Graaff-Reinet. Guided tours for you as a guest to enjoy are: 1. Bushman Rock Art tours to shelters use by the Khoi and San. The paintings will be explained and you will learn more about the culture too. It can be a short walk if driven to close by or you can take a walk of about an hour there and back with our guides. 2. Anglo Boer War Engravings that was done by the Davel’s son, that was hiding in the cave for three months, will be shared, as the story of what the family went through during that time. 3. Private registered Fossil Museum: One of the largest collections where JP will show and explain all his fossil findings to you. These mammal-like-reptiles lived in the Karoo swampy areas 250 million years ago. As they are double the age of dinosaurus(140 Million yr), guests find them extremely interesting. 4. Fossil Walk: After the museum tour, you may request to go to the veld to see where JP has made his discoveries. There he will tell you about the geology of the area and what it was like 250 Million years ago. You will experience various fossils in-situ. During the walk JP will point out some of the plants and explain you various animals which will be encountered during the time in the veld. Specially the little 5 of the Karoo: (Rhino beetle, Ant lion, Elephant shrew, Leopard tortoise & Buffalo Weaver). 5. Medicinal Plant Walk: On a two-hour walk you will learn about the plants that was used by the Bushman in days gone by. So many of these plants are known to us and you will learn about how it was used and for which ailment. 6. Sheep Shearing explained. In the shed we will demonstrate you how a sheep is shorn and explain what happens from the time the sheep is shorn till the wool is sold. You can feel the wool and see where it gets bailed. During lambing time you can also feed the lambs by bottle. 7. Workshops are done with children when requested. You can even make your own mammal-like-reptile out of wire and wet paper. All these tours are available when you book in advance. Tour groups are welcome too. Breakfast, lunches and diners are available on the farm. Sunset snacks and drinks may be enjoyed after a day full of experiences.

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