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WWelcome to Dive Expert Tours, Your dive tour operator for all adventures in South Africa! UNDERWATER ! We, Silke and Rainer Schimpf, offer an unforgettable adventure in and on the Indian Ocean. Since 1999, we are the specialists in the: Sardine Run Shark Diving Reef Diving Dive Safaris - Trips of a lifetime Whalewatching Bird Watching and Epeditions We take care of film crews and Marine Logistics in and around Port Elizabeth and along the South African coast. Port Elizabeth is the outdoor and water sports capital of South Africa with everything your heart desires and one of the most diverse dive sites in the world! Join us for the tremendous beauty of South Africa above and below water. We know every inch of the information collected by us and assure spectacular marine adventure tours Have fun with Expert-Tours – South Africa! Link ACCOMMODATION Villa Cameleon In this cozy and family-run style Villa Cameleon B & B offers first class accommodation . The guestrooms are well equipped within a private house in the popular residential area of Walmer, garden and pool offer relaxation after a day at sea. Functionally geared to divers, a double room with bathroom. Our breakfast room acts as a contemporary lounge and briefing room as well training room, for example, for photography. The villa is situated in Walmer Cameleon district and offers over 10 different dining options within walking distance, several shopping centers, ATMs. The alley-like overgrown neighborhood is quiet and safe and easy to walk about on foot in the evenings. Link DIVING OPERATIONS Link BOATS Expert-Tours has 2 Zodiak - Inflatables, so-called semi Ridget Rubber Ducks or Super Ducks (8.5 m long and 2.5 m wide). Both boats are fitted with outboard motors 85 HP Yamaha and Evinrude 90 HP IJ, so that we can cope with the waves and the speeds at sea. On the boat respectively a certified skipper is available (who acts at the same time as the diving instructor) as well as a divemaster for our guests. Thus limiting our total to a max. 10 guests on the boat. All safety regulations are adhered to "Safety First", all Sea permits for all coastal towns are kept on board. Life jackets, GPS, radio, rescue equipment incl. Oxygen are available according to regulations. Place is specially given to for camera and video equipment. As stated in the boat description, appropriate safety equipment is always available. For seasickness there are remedies, it just needs to be the right one! Past experience has shown, that there is a limit of seasickness medication. Our best experiences we have found medication that is available in German pharmacies : rendered "motion tablets". ___________________________________________________________________ Link LAUNCH SIDE Launch Sides in Port Elizabeth As a rule we are launching from the port. In Port Elizabeth, while 2 Launch Sides are available. They are the central marina PE's in Algoa Bay and Noordhoek ski boat slipway of the Club of St. Francis Bay side. Both Sides Launch offer with a small restaurant for drinks and snacks after a day at sea. Hot showers are also available here! ___________________________________________________________________ Link DIVING EQUIPMENT Diving Equipment Tanks and weights and weight belts are provided. Diving Tanks: 10l 300 bar connection, and 12l normal DIN Please first stage 300 bar compatible, if possible - basically every guest brings his own equipment! Safety buoy not forget. ABC equipment is a must on every Sardine Run Link SECURITY According to our motto "Safety First", we stand for high security at sea and during the dive / snorkeling. We are in the element of water and are only here for a visit. Diving We assume that our guests are certified divers and go diving with appropriate experience in the waters of the Indian Ocean. Non-divers devices, such as snorkeling or Freediver should also cope well in the water element and can withstand surface currents. For all participants, the following applies: a good physical condition is a must Wildlife Saltwater encounters with sharks, whales, dolphins are predetermined at the Sardine Run and also in our dives - so our guests are properly briefed on rules of conduct. Weather Wind and weather conditions, and ocean currents are on our tours significant issues that need to be considered. From a certain wind strength / knots we can expect our guests to cancel the launch. Wind and weather news and current predictions are our daily bread during our tours. LINK SILKE & RAINER About Us Dive Expert-Tours offers since 1999 custom diving tours in and around Port Elizabeth and along the South African coast. Dive Expert-Tours we, Silke and Rainer Schimpf, we look forward to meeting you, you will experience a marine adventure beyond compare with us. For years everything that has something to do with the sea is our passion. Diving stands as our top priority. Skippers, filming and photography above and below water, our home on the sea and let every day new surprises await you on the sea. Since 1999, we are specialists for Sardine Run, whale watching, shark diving, trips, bird watching and crew support. Making our hobby into a career and getting close to the beauty and adventure of our oceans for our guests which we have made our task. Those who crave adventure , who are not afraid to get wet, sometimes withstand rough seas and on a rigid keel boat endures all day to experience the adventures of the Indian Ocean off the coast of South Africa with us has come to the right place. We offer our guests, individual service and a family holiday atmosphere.

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