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South Africa

You are only moments away

Cape Town
Cultural Discoveries

SSouth Africa offers a variety of caves for you to explore, from hominid fossil sites to ancient San cave paintings. Experience the ringing sounds of one cave, then crawl through tunnels on your hands and knees in another!  

South Africa’s top 10 caves

Sterkfontein is the world's richest hominid fossil site and this is where you will find the Sterkfontein Caves, Cradle of Humankind, in Gauteng, part of the World Heritage Site where the world-famous early human remains of “Mrs Ples” and “Little Foot” were discovered.

The Cango Caves, near Oudtshoorn in the Western Cape, is one of the longest and largest cave systems in the world. Iced with spectacular dripstone formations, they can be explored via two routes through its 5.3km of tunnels—one on well-lit walkways and the other on your hands and knees on an adventure deep into the cavern. 

Did You Know?
KKlipgat Cave is the only freshwater cave along the coast of Africa.

SSudwala Caves, one of the oldest cave systems on earth can be found near Nelspruit in Mpumalanga. With a dolomite chamber measuring 70m in diameter and 37m in height, it has rock formations sculpted over aeons. Evidence of some of the earth’s oldest life forms has been found in its limestone.

Named after the ringing sound the rock formations inside the caves make when they are struck, the Echo Caves are found west of the Strydom Tunnel in Limpopo. It also boasts impressive stalactites and stalagmite formations, and a beautiful hall—the Crystal Palace.

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