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South African Tourism is mandated to market South Africa internationally as a preferred tourism destination. Part of our business is to monitor and evaluate the performance of the tourism sector. Please use our browsing and searching tools to look through all the research reports currently available.

Latest reports


Domestic Tourism Snapshot - Q2 2014

This report provides a snapshot of the performance of the domestic tourism. Due to a low travel incidence in this quarter, the results only reflect a fraction of the number of people interviewed . With such a low incidence, this report could not reflect data for all the provinces. Only the provinces and purpose of travel data with a sample (unweighted n) count of above 20 were reflected on the report.

Domestic International

SA Tourism Index - Q4 2013

The Q4 2013 report is part of the new series of Quarterly Reports and is identified by its green tables on the front page. This report provides a summary of the travel patterns of foreign and domestic tourists in South Africa for the period  October  to December 2013.

Domestic International

2013 Annual Tourism Report

This consolidated report prepared by the Strategic Research Unit provides a review of the performance of the tourism sector against the South African Tourism mandate.


Tourist arrival March 2014

This report analyses tourist arrivals to South Africa. As part of a national effort to improve the quality of tourism statistics in South Africa, tourist arrivals as opposed to visitor arrivals is now been released.


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