02 November 2012 by Leon Jamarie

Rohan Marley launches eco-friendly headphone range in South Africa

Rohan Marley, son of legendary reggae artist Bob Marley, was in the country recently to launch his eco-friendly headphones and promote the charity 1love.org.

Rohan Marley with singer Yvonne Chaka Chaka

'It feels like my second home, a home away from home,' says Rohan Marley, son of the late reggae artist Bob Marley, of South Africa.

Marley is in the country to launch House of Marley South Africa and its eco-friendly headphones.

Rohan Marley with the Paige Mac band. Images by Leon Jamarie Rohan Marley with the Paige Mac band. Images by Leon Jamarie

Charming and effusive with an open smile and an underlying fire in his belly, Marley is his father’s son, something he does not shy away from.

This is his 2nd visit to the country, and when asked his favourite thing about South Africa, his response is immediate: 'Its people.' So much so that Marley, along with the House of Marley, is investing in the people of South Africa through the charity 1love.org (a portion of proceeds from the House of Marley will benefit 1love.org).

'House of Marley is about growth, innovation, creativity, being eco-friendly, sustainable and giving back to charity,' says Marley.

Guests at the headphone launch, which was held at the chic Café Dijon in Green Point, Cape Town, on October 18, were given the opportunity to test noise-isolating in-ear headphones; active noise-cancelling over-ear headphones; and portable docking and audio stations.

Marley audio products are made with environmentally certified wood, and use recycled and recyclable aluminium and plastic.

Ultimately, says Marley, the launch of House of Marley South Africa is a movement for change: 'We want to create a sustainable movement. The movement of Marley as a family represents goodness, diversity and love. We want to grow the resources to be able to serve and sustain local communities, with a focus on the youth.'

The movement of Marley as a family represents goodness, diversity and love.

Part of the 1love.org movement is empowering trendsetting and pioneering locals to interact with charities, causes and ideas that aim to change the world, with a focus on youth, the planet and peace. Marley has uncovered local ambassadors who represent the brand. These include eco-warrior and surfer Jessica Lee, the Muffinz, and Paige Mac, who performed on the night of the launch. 

Guests at the Cape Town launch were lucky enough to witness the possibilities of this joint venture when Marley displayed his musical talents by joining Paige Mac on stage to perform his dad’s iconic No woman, No Cry.

Marley continues to foster his father’s legacy of one love, and he promised this was not the last we had seen of him: 'I want to return soon. Maybe next time, if I am not so busy, I can go on a safari.'

The eco-friendly headphone range is available at selected Incredible Connection, Dion Wired, Look & Listen and Musica stores nationwide, as well as from Kalahari.com.

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