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IIt’s your country to enjoy and your province to explore! Get out of your comfort zone, create some memories and escape your day-to-day. We have 9 amazing provinces and we want to show you everything they have to offer. It’s time you choose a date, grab a mate and take that long overdue Sho’t left. And now….. KwaZulu-Natal!

The land of sugarcane, bright tropical forests, gorgeous sandy beaches, warm surf and bunny chow, Durban is a welcome break for anyone in the country.

WWhere to stay

Marine Parade Hotel

The hotel describes itself as modern and trendy. Clean lines, sea facing rooms and useful amenities make the Marine Parade Hotel a great choice for those who are looking for a mid-budget stay without compromising on luxury and location. Cool down on the rooftop pool with a cocktail while looking out over the restless sea before dinner. You can’t get better than that!

Where to play

The Green Hub Market Tour

Durban is well known for its markets. From fish markets and spice markets to a market in a station, you can buy pretty much anything you wish for. Green Hub tours will take you on a morning of discovery to delight all of your senses. Take a trip using not only your eyes but your nose as well through Durban’s top touristy markets.

Segway All Access Tours

What better way to see the Moses Mabhida stadium, the promenade and more from your own Segway! Training is provided so that you can glide around happily without fear of falling off. If the wind is good, you can even do the Big Swing at the stadium, although this is for adrenaline junkies only. Don’t even try if you have a fear of heights!

Big Rush Big Swing

As mentioned above, you can take on one of the biggest rushes in the world at the Moses Mabhida Stadium. The Big Rush Swing has won a Guinness World Record for being the tallest swing in the world. Just check on the weather before you go. If it's windy the swing doesn’t operate.


The great mountain range of the Drakensberg runs very near to Durban, offering access to the Natal Midlands within an hour or two’s drive. There is so much to do here, from hiking and cultural activities to nature walks. Be sure to bring good walking shoes, sunblock, and a hat! Your camera will also come in handy to capture the gorgeous natural surroundings which make the Midlands such a popular place to go.

MMidlands Meander

The Natal Midlands are one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in the country, with deep valleys, rolling hills, high mountains and lush green basins, not to mention the great food and drinks that can be found in neat little hidey holes! Nottingham Road is one of the oldest towns in the province and is jam-packed with interesting history. Take a day or two to explore the Midlands, there is so much to see and we promise it will be worth it!

Where to eat

La Vue features 2 amazing decks, 2 full bars and a dance floor! Begin your journey and stroll the outdoor deck under the stars, taking in all the sights of the Durban skyline while sipping on one of their designer cocktails. Then step below, where a cosmopolitan dining deck offers fine-dining cuisine. The cosy climate controlled decks are the ideal venue for dinners, sightseeing and social cocktails. There is no better way to see Durban harbour at night!

You may have seen the yellow Cubana sign in various cities around the country, but definitely take a turn past the Durban one in Florida Road for a great night out eating and dancing. The chain restaurant and lounge offers the only authentic Latino food and cocktail lounge in the country. They all also offer a cigar lounge which is pretty fancy.

Lugz at the Blue Lagoon is a Durban eatery legend. So much so in fact that they have opened branches in Jozi as well. Without a doubt you HAVE to have their bunny chow! For those who don’t know what bunny chow is, it involves loads of carbs. Think half a loaf of white bread, cut open and stuffed with curry and sometimes chips. It’s delicious and super authentic!

check out these Sho’t left deals and plan your trip today!

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