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AAs the first country in the world to include a sexual orientation protection clause in our Constitution to ensure the rights of all people and the fifth country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage, South Africa is the LGBTQ+ capital of Africa. 

With a diverse range of activities and landscapes, plus a rich and dynamic culture, South Africa offers huge variety and opportunity for LGBTQ+ travelers.  Our affordable luxury experiences, at a range of price points suitable for any budget, present great value for money in terms of service and experience.

There are established gay and lesbian communities and scenes in Cape Town and Johannesburg, with smaller communities in Pretoria and Durban.  While generally warm and welcoming, in some rural areas in both black and white communities, attitudes are still evolving towards acceptance.


LGBT-friendly South Africa


to explore
South Africa


Wildlife safari

When you've seen a pride of lions resting in the shade in summer or a herd of elephant crossing the road on their way to the watering hole, it’s an incredible reminder of why the untouched wild has always been so inspiring. Explore it!


Vibrant culture

With Ndebele, Zulu, Xhosa, Sotho, Swazi, Venda, Afrikaans, Cape Malay, Cape Coloured, Khoisan and European cultures all calling this land home, South Africa is certainly a melting pot of diverse cultural depth worth exploring!


Active adventure

Fancy taking a dip with a great white shark? Or hiking up a mountain? What about plunging off the world’s highest commercial bridge bungee? Whatever gets your heart racing, South Africa’s got it! 


Breathtaking scenery

Endless horizons, deep valleys, soaring mountains, cliff sides overlooking endless oceans – a journey through South Africa will take your breath away and leave you with memories that will last forever. 


Sun-soaked coasts

Teeming with marine life and some of the best surfing the world has to offer and an abundance of blue-flag beaches, South Africa’s sun-soaked coast lies ready all-year round to share its secrets, adventures and lazy days with you. 


Bustling city life

From the calm serenity of sundowners at the beach in Cape Town to the boundless energy of a nightclub in Johannesburg, South Africa’s cities buzz with the soul of a nation. Feel the rhythm of South Africa in an urban safari and let the beat of the concrete jungle flow through you.

01 Wildlife safari
02 Vibrant culture
03 Active adventure
04 Breathtaking scenery
05 Sun-soaked coasts
06 Bustling city life

SSouth Africa’s LGBTQ Calendar

JJohannesburg Pride is held annually in September/ October. The parade is followed by an open-air celebration and concert, followed by after-parties.

Cape Town Pride is held annually in February and attracts 5 000+ partygoers. The outrageous Mother City Queer Project party in December is one of the city’s most popular yearly events and attracts fun-loving people of all sexual orientations.

The Pink Loerie Mardi Gras in Knysna in May is a four-day fest of art expos, concerts, parties, and parades.


South Africa boasts an impressive number of LGBT-friendly properties, tour operators and organisations that are members of IGLTA and are ready and willing to assist with planning itineraries for LGBT clients. As you consider expanding your offerings to include South Africa, we suggest working with these member businesses or other local tour operators familiar with LGBT travel in South Africa so you can feel confident that your clients will be in good hands. The US Department of State has also established a web portal that houses info about LGBT travel.

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