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WWe hope you enjoyed Gregg’s time in Cape Town and the Winelands last week! In episode 3, Gregg Wallace flies to Upington, in the Northern Cape, gateway to both the green and the red Kalahari. His first stop is the magnificent Orange River, which is South Africa’s longest river, the source that gives the green Kalahari its name, lining the river are orchards and vineyards, which makes it one of the largest grape-producing regions in the country! 
It's alongside these vineyards that Gregg makes his way to the Augrabies National Park, where he’s immediately drawn to the great noise of the world’s 5th largest waterfall – Augrabies Falls – located right in the heart of the desert! 


TThe next morning he continues his adventure by kayaking down the Orange River, while surrounded by incredible birdlife. He stops at Khamkirri, a waterside lodge and retreat, where he is met by owners Phillipa & Danie Van Zyl. The couple has turned their 300-acre land into a wildlife reserve dedicated to conserving the animals and birds around them. The couple introduces Gregg to what many South Africans enjoy most – braai – a social occasion where an open-flamed barbeque is used to prepare many local delicacies.

GGregg is up early as the sun rises over the river before Danie takes him into the heart of the red Kalahari. As they drive Gregg spots South Africa’s national animal – the springbok. They do a quick pitstop at a local coffee shop where they sample another surprising local delicacy (you'll have to watch to find out what it is!). Their last stop is a natural hot spring formed by geothermically heated groundwater rising from the earth’s crust.

Be sure to tune in to ITV's South Africa with Gregg Wallace for a dose of wanderlust and share your memories of  South Africa with us on our social channels! Or read more about the episode here.

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