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MMeet Your South Africa campaign showcases the diverse and exciting range of experiences travellers can find across the country; and who better to help visitors get the best out of South Africa than its amazing local guides? Find out more about their passion for encouraging people to discover South African cities, food and drink, natural beauty, wildlife, adventure and culture. 

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“Johannesburg is the best place to learn about South Africa’s history, and a guide can help to explain it all. Today we have so many vibrant places that showcase our spirit. We’re finally standing together as a
rainbow nation. I’m so proud to be a South African.”

Learn more about Charles here //Johannesburg, Gauteng 

JJONAS BARAUSSE: The Urban Storyteller 

“I see Durban as a city for the traveller, not the tourist. I think something that’s going to make Durban accessible for everyone are the new direct flights from the UK. Durban is the perfect base from which to begin exploring South Africa — it’s just asking you to dive in.”

Learn more about Jonas here // Durban, KwaZulu-Natal


“I’ve been working in the wine business for nearly 30 years and, in my opinion, this is one of the best wine tourism destinations in the world. Our offering has come on in leaps and bounds over the last decade. It’s a very exciting time.”

Learn more about Andre here // Winelands, Western Cape


“One of the biggest misconceptions about South  Africa is that you mustn’t go to townships because it’s so unsafe. That’s so wrong. I want to showcase the spirit of the township. With our cuisine, we want to tell stories. We want to evoke nostalgia. Evoke pride.”

Learn more about Abigail here // Cape Town, Western Cape

AALISON TOWNER: The Marine Expert

“South Africa is famous for its safaris and game drives, but few people realise that the ocean life here is just as rich and fascinating. Visitors can see our Marine Big Five: the great white shark, the African penguin, the southern right whale, Cape fur seals and dolphins.”

Learn more about Alison here //Hermanus, Western Cape 

BBENS MARIMANE: The Wildlife Whisperer

“We get people from all over the world coming to South Africa to share this piece of paradise with us, and my favourite thing about the job
is meeting them and sharing wildlife experiences. Sometimes I look back and see tears of joy falling down guests’ faces.”

Learn more about Bens here // Greater Kruger, Mpumalanga

JJUMA MKWELA: The Graffiti Curator

“The murals in Woodstock, Cape Town, were created by a group of artists who wanted to take their art out of the studios and into the streets. We wanted to inspire, to educate, and to tell stories that hadn’t been told before. It’s an area that’s very vibrant, very happening.”

Learn more about Juma here // Cape Town, Western Cape

TTHOKO JILI:  The Culture Junkie

“My Zulu culture tour takes us to a village called Maphephetheni in the Valley of a Thousand Hills. It’s a tour I’m very proud to offer as an African. I’m excited to share these stories, my roots. There are wonderful memories to be made here.”

Learn more about Thoko here // Valey of a Thousands Hills, KwaZulu-Natal

“Mpumalanga is a special place, there’s so many diverse cultures, each with their own unique characters. It’s a great idea to get a guide — they’ll be your walking encyclopedia. As guides we communicate all the time to keep on top of our game.”

Learn more about David here// Panorama Route, Mpumalanga

SSISEKO YELANI - The Coastal Wanderer

“The Wild Coast is so untapped. We’d love travellers to see village life with a guide — see how people live, what they do day to day. It’s very vibrant. It’s authentic. I want to showcase that this is who we are, and I
strongly believe that tourism helps us conserve our culture.”

Learn more about Siseko here// Wild Coast, Eastern Cape 

DDANIE VAN ZYL The River Raconteur

“I’m a professional outdoor adventure guide. This is something I was born to do: taking people out, showing them the beauty of the Northern Cape. People don’t realise how friendly everyone here is, and how much they want to show you their country.”

Learn more about Danie here // Green Kalahari, Northern Cape  

JJAMES SEYMOUR - The Mountain Rambler

"Besides working in tourism, one of my greatest passions is hiking, and the Drakensberg boasts the largest concentration of hiking trails in the whole of South Africa. It’s an area that’s increasingly being discovered by travellers and thrill-seekers. It has hikes for everyone.”

Learn more about James here// Drakensberg, KwaZulu-Natal  

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